Electrical Compliance and Testing for OH&S Regulations

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Kenner Electrics is a licensed electrician in Melbourne. And under section 21 of the Victorian Occupational Health and Safety Act (2004), all employers have a legal obligation to ensure their workplace is safe, with no risks to the health of their staff or the general public.

To ensure this, it is your responsibility as a business owner or manager to identify any hazards associated with electrical equipment. The best way to do this is via Electrical Compliance and Testing, which will assess the associated or potential risks in your workplace and allow you to organise the necessary measures to eliminate or control them.

Anyone conducting a business must ensure that no electrical risks are present in the workplace inclusive of:

  • Electrical equipment, including electrical installations
  • Electrical work on or near energised electrical equipment

Electrical issues can be hard to detail, especially if they are not causing an obvious problem. This is where a regular schedule of electrical compliance and testing can be a big help.

Licensed electrician doing electrical compliance testing on commercial switchboard

The importance of electrical safety

WorkSafe Victoria classifies electrical safety testing and tagging on any plug-in equipment under the general obligations of Section 21(2)(a) of the WorkSafe Act and recommends that all employers create a safety testing protocol.

It is mostly mandatory that all electrical equipment has been checked and tagged with regular checks to ensure continued safety. As a guide, the Australian New Zealand Standard AS/NZS 3760 In-Service Safety Inspection and Testing of Electrical Equipment specifies a range of procedures for the inspection and testing of low voltage single phase and polyphase electrical equipment.

WorkSafe Victoria is actively enforcing the standard via minimum safety testing programs and recommends that inspections are carried out by an appropriate risk assessment checklist or schedule.

The safest and easiest option: An electrical compliance and testing schedule

A regular schedule of electrical compliance and testing is the easiest and most thorough way to review all electrical circuits and equipment to ensure they are not overloaded or damaged and in turn, a potential risk. During this testing, any deficiencies are highlighted so they can be rectified before any harm or damage has been caused.

Compliance testing can cover emergency lighting inspections, safety switch testing and test and tag of electrical appliances. This involves a visual audit along with detailed tests that may require the power in your facility to be turned off. This is important to consider if your site is customer-facing or cannot be shut down during business hours, at which point an out-of-hours inspection may be necessary.

The inspection will provide your business with all the necessary advice for repair or preventative actions along with explanations of the implications should you leave the situation as is. From here it is up to you on when and how you wish to have the problems rectified.

The inspection will cover:

  • The overall condition of your electrical installation
  • Any remedial work that is needed
  • A summary of test results
  • Any specific items that require attention

The primary reason for Electrical Compliance and Testing

Legal requirements aside, engaging a qualified electrician to conduct regular compliance testing provides peace of mind and the opportunity to provide confirmed safety for your employees, customers and self. By gaining an understanding of any potential risks you can take preventative action that may save you the cost of expensive repairs or more importantly, someone's life.

Electrical issues can cause significant damage. The goal is to uncover any issues that create unnecessary risk, and repair them at a low cost, before they worsen and the price tag rises. With that in mind, the cost of compliance testing is an investment that may save you far more down the track.

Play it safe by booking an Electrical Compliance and Testing Inspection today

Keep your business, staff and customers safe while abiding by OH&S requirements with an electrical compliance inspection today. The threat of electrical danger is serious and unnecessary repair costs are not usually something accounted for in your business budget. Avoid a range of issues by giving the talented team at Kenner Electrics a call.

We have a selection of skilled electricians who will conduct compliance testing for your business, while also being able to offer other electrical services as well.

Our high-quality service has led to many positive customer experiences and we are passionate about the safety of your business. We’ll find the issue before it turns into a big headache, so speak to Kenner Electrics today and improve the safety of your business, and enjoy complete peace of mind.

We are offering electrical compliance testing in the neighbouring suburbs and throughout all of Melbourne:

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