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Most people are aware nowadays that smoke alarms are essential to be installed in residential properties; if you are a homeowner and you live in your property or rent it out, smoke alarm installation is a legal requirement.

While the legislation varies across the country, most states are aiming towards making fire alarms compulsory within the next decade. In Victoria it is a legislative requirement. Based in Melbourne, the team at Kenner Electrics conducts smoke alarm installations for residential dwellings and our workmanship is exceptional just like our service.

Fully-qualified, accredited and experienced, our team prides ourselves on high quality standards of work and back this with a lifetime guarantee. Our mission is to achieve successful outcomes and one hundred percent client satisfaction; we value our clientele from smoke alarm installation requirements to full electrical wiring or rewiring of properties.

Smoke Alarms For Installation

You might be mostly familiar with the common smoke alarm using a 9V battery and these are certainly the cheapest option. However, if the battery fails or dies, there is no back-up to these smoke alarms, hence new homes built post-1997 are required to have a hardwired smoke alarm installation installed. All smoke alarms that include a 9V battery require the battery to be changed every year even if they are hardwired, however there are other options that offer more longevity.

All smoke alarms have a lifespan of ten years before they are legally required to be replaced and this includes home owners who have investment properties.

The Metropolitan Fire Brigade (MFB) and the Country Fire Authority (CFA) in Victoria recommend photoelectric smoke alarm installation due to their effectiveness in detecting fire. There is a hardwired and lithium battery smoke alarm option, and it is wise to research the differences to find what suits your needs and wishes. Additionally, we are always happy to discuss with you the types of smoke alarms that are available and what the benefits are, we are always here to help.

Hardwired And Lithium Battery Smoke Alarm Installation

When it comes to hardwired smoke alarm installations, there is a choice between photoelectric and ionisation smoke alarms, with the latter being quite common in Victoria.

Harnessing the latest technology for smoke alarms, the photoelectric version tends to activate earlier detecting smouldering fire before it builds up. This allows more time to react and get everyone out of the house to safety!

Another advantage of photoelectric smoke alarms is that they are not comprised of radioactive or hazardous materials so they can be safely disposed of after their ten-year lifespan.

Ionisation smoke alarms are fantastic for detecting fires such as kitchen oil fires, however with slow smouldering fires, which are more common, ionisation alarms lack ultimate effectiveness. Given that they utilise older technology, ionisation smoke alarms have a small amount of radioactive material to help them detect smoke and when disposed of, this can be less environmentally-friendly than photoelectric alarms.

The rechargeable lithium ion battery smoke alarms are great because you don’t have to worry about changing the battery every year; these lithium ion batteries last the ten-year lifespan!
There are two options: hardwired with a rechargeable battery as a back-up and a lithium ion battery only.

Smoke alarm installations are easy for Kenner Electrics to professionally achieve whether they are hardwired or with lithium ion batteries.

The hardwired version with a rechargeable battery is connected to 240V mains power but has the advantage of the battery as a back-up should the power be out. The smoke alarm installation of a rechargeable lithium ion battery only alarm is easy and without the need for cabling. The smoke alarm itself might be more costly but the low installation cost more than makes up for it.

Why Use A Professional For Smoke Alarm Installation?

If you are considering conducting a smoke alarm installation yourself, it is wise to think again and consider hiring a professional. Suitably-qualified and experienced Electricians are the best choice for smoke alarm installation. The advantage is that they are typically accredited and insured so you are protected.

Professional and reliable electrical companies such as Kenner Electrics, ensures that we comply with Australian law – it is law to have smoke alarm installations conducted by a professional who meets the criteria. Furthermore, utilising a professional Electrician means you can be confident that the job is undertaken correctly. With Kenner Electrics you can rest assured with our quality workmanship.

Selecting the type of smoke alarm you wish to have installed in your home is important and there are different options. Discussing your needs and options with a qualified Electrician is a wise step before having them perform a smoke alarm installation in your home.

Do Electricians Install Smoke Alarms?

Electricians can recommend certain types, explain the advantages and disadvantages of each type and ensure that they offer compliant devices. Kenner Electrics is renowned for offering quality products and expert workmanship.

Being experts, we are also knowledgeable in Victorian smoke alarm legislation such as the fact that smoke alarm installation should be undertaken in certain areas. Alarms should be hardwired, interconnected and installed on every level of the house. Also within 1.5 metres of bedroom doors in order to meet the Building Code of Australia.

At Kenner Electrics we ensure smoke alarms are installed in hallways, and living areas, to ensure the maximum safety of your loved ones. Smoke alarms should not be installed too close to kitchens and bathrooms due to steam which can cause a false alarm.

Sustainability Considerations

The ionisation smoke alarm comprises of radioactive material hence it is not environmentally-friendly, and it's not good when they end up in landfill. From mid this year in 2019, Victoria began to implement changes to the disposal of e-waste which includes smoke alarms.

Batteries have been able to be recycled for a long time now yet smoke alarms were typically placed in household waste. Therefore if you have a photoelectric smoke alarm that has outdone its lifespan, place it with your other gadgets which are no longer functional and seek e-waste sites for disposal. Unfortunately, there is still no option in Victoria to recycle ionisation smoke alarms due to the radioactive material enclosed.

By being environmentally-conscious, you are helping reduce the negative impact upon our beautiful natural environment. Victoria is pushing ahead with innovative ways to recycle e-waste carefully, Kenner Electrics supports sustainability causes.

In aiming to reduce waste in landfill, we partner with excellent organisations which conduct recycling programs to maximise the environmental-friendliness of household and general waste.

Kenner Electrics recycles a diverse range of materials including electrical cable scraps, batteries, e-waste, fluorescent light tubes, soft plastic packaging, office waste including ink cartridges, pens, staplers and more, polystyrene, old power tools and even empty toothpaste tubes.

We are proud to be an environmentally-conscious company and we value our clientele supporting this cause.

Let Us Help You Keep Your Home Fire Protected

We hope this article has helped you gain a better understanding on the importance of installing smoke alarms correctly in your home. Smoke detectors are life savers, and at Kenner Electrics, we want to ensure your home and family are safe.

Whether you need help upgrading to interconnected smoke alarms, want to install a smoke alarm or just need to speak to an expert, we are here to help! Contact our smoke alarm experts today!

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