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Switchboard Safety Switch Upgrade

Your switchboard is the most important piece of electrical safety equipment in your home!

All the power in your home runs through the switchboard, so it is the most important place to have safety devices installed. That's where safety switches come in!

At Kenner Electrics, our local electricians work on a lot of switchboards around Melbourne. Our electricians frequently find non-compliant and unsafe switchboards in people’s homes, and the most common issues involve safety switches (or lack of). Read more in our blog; What's Keeping You Safe? The Importance of Safety Switches in Your Switchboard.

If your switchboard has no RCDs (safety switches), or only has a single safety switch protecting multiple circuit breakers, then Kenner Electrics recommends upgrading to RCBOs.

Safety Switches, RCDs, RCBOs...?

All the electrical terminology explained by the experts

  • Safety switches (RDCs) are the most vital safety component of your switchboard. They detect ‘earth leakage’ and disconnect power when they detect something disrupting the circuit. RCDs are the only device that will trip in the event of an electric shock to protect humans. An easy way to identify if you have safety switches installed is to look for a button labelled 'TEST' on the device. If pressed it should trip the device. Safety switches should be tested at least twice a year to ensure they are operating correctly. If you have any concerns, contact our friendly team for advice.
  • Circuit Breakers (CBs) provide overcurrent protection, so that if too much power is being drawn through a circuit the circuit breaker will trip to prevent the cable from overheating and starting a fire.
  • RCBOs are a combination device that incorporates a RCD and a CB. They are the best solution for safety and reliability.

Safety Switches give you Peace of Mind

Safety switches are the only device that provide protection to humans.

Without safety switches, your switchboard provides absolutely no protection against electric shock. Safety switches are the only device that provide protection to humans, and the electrical system in your home is unsafe without them.

RCBOs are a combination device that incorporate a safety switch (RCD) and an overload circuit breaker (CB). RCBOs provide the greatest level of protection against electric shocks and prevention of overloading the circuits.

All residential circuits are required to have safety switch protection, including power, lighting, ovens, cooktops, A/C and hot water units. Existing circuits can be upgraded by replacing existing circuit breakers with RCBOs to provide safety switch protection. This has the added benefit of giving you more room in your switchboard so that you can avoid costly switchboard upgrades if you’re thinking of adding extra circuits.

Old style fuse boards do not usually have safety switches, and so they provide no protection against electric shock. They are also harder to maintain and create a risk of electric shock due to exposed live parts when replacing fuses. These old style fuse boards are no longer compliant and the switchboard must be upgraded.

RCBO Safety Switch upgrade in a Melbourne switchboard to provide the greatest level of protection against electric shock

Why Choose Kenner Electrics?

Kenner Electrics is your trusted local electrician. We have a friendly and professional team of highly qualified, experienced and licensed electricians ready to handle all your commercial and residential electrical needs.

We provide up-front pricing with a clear explanation of the work required to avoid cost overruns. We provide prompt and efficient service and prioritise safety on each and every job. We are fully insured, licensed and accredited, we're a member of the National Electrical & Communications Association, and we are a registered electrical contractor with Energy Safe Victoria. We always provide compliance certificates for all completed electrical installation work.

We're one of the top rated electricians in Melbourne with over 300 genuine 5-star reviews from residential and business customers just like you.

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Prevent tripping power to your whole home

Does your entire house lose power when your safety switch trips?

This might be because your switchboard only has one safety switch protecting all the circuits in your switchboard. This means that whenever there is a fault, ALL the circuits trip because they are all connected to that single safety switch. So you'll experience a power outage to your whole house. What a nuisance!

Installing safety switches (RCBOs) on each circuit in your switchboard will prevent multiple circuits from being affected in the event of a fault. It makes it easier to identify which circuit the fault is on as only a single circuit will have tripped.

Having a safety switch on every circuit in your switchboard also provides the highest level of protection from electric shock. The current Australian electrical safety standards require that all switchboards have a safety switch installed on all circuits including power, lighting and electrical appliance circuits (eg. A/C, cooktop, oven and solar). Read more on our blog about what components a modern, safe switchboard should have.

Trusted Electrician installs High-Quality Parts

Kenner Electrics only supplies and installs good quality, reliable products that comply with Australian standards. The parts we use come from reputable manufacturers such as Hager, Clipsal, NHP and ABB. Our skilled electricians are up to date with the latest electrical safety requirements to give you peace of mind. We will provide you with a Certificate of Electrical Safety for all switchboard upgrade works.

Other switchboard issues?

Do you have a different issue with your switchboard? Maybe there's signs of heat damage or cracks, or the switchboard is in a non-compliant location.

No matter what the problem with your switchboard, Kenner Electrics' expert electricians are here to help. Head on over to our Switchboard Upgrade page for more information.

High quality switchboard upgrade with safety switches by trusted Electrician

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Adam and Jimmy were such lovely people and were very easy to communicate with. The job got done very efficiently, and they were always considerate of the home and left no mess whatsoever. After the safety check, they completed some additional works on the same day which worked out perfectly! Would 100% recommend!
Clifton Hill
Jimmy on site and Shannon in the office have been helpful, courteous, professional and efficient. On time, clearly explained the work to be done and then demonstrated when the work had been completed. Accommodating, competitively priced and responsive. If you need an electrician in South East of Melbourne, these folks are the ones.
We engaged Kenner Electrics, Shannon, Tim and the team to help with Electrical Repair Works. Would like to highlight their absolute professionalism, reliability and friendly service. They not only fix the issue, but also take the time to explain the works being completed in simple terms to the customer. When they inform that they'll arrive at a certain time, you can be absolutely guaranteed they will. Providing excellent Customer Service is paramount for them. Therefore, would recommend them for all your electrical maintenance & repairs.
Glen Waverley
Found this company on Google, not knowing them previously. Easy to call and book. Additionally, they gave a clear estimated of arrival. The electricians also gave us a pre-call so that we knew they were 30 minutes away. We had Electricians Tim and Max, and they were great! Quick to diagnose the problem, and explain it all to me. Additionally, break down the costing, and asked permission to proceed. We now have a working switch and bathroom fan. The overall end to end process was very professional and to a high standard.

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