Professional Exhaust Fan Electricians for Inspections and Upgrades

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Kenner Electrics' experienced and local exhaust fan electricians in Melbourne's eastern suburbs provide friendly and competent service when carrying out exhaust fan inspections and upgrades. Exhaust fans are commonly and regularly used in domestic and commercial settings, and if not installed, inspected and maintained correctly, inefficient operation and faults will occur.


If the services of an exhaust fan electrician are required, Kenner Electrics can confidently send one of our professional Melbourne eastern suburbs electricians. They will promptly inspect the exhaust fan, and if needed, provide a quote to rectify the fault or perform an upgrade.

Exhaust fan inspections

Utilising an experienced exhaust fan electrician to carry out an exhaust fan inspection is vital to ensure its safety and purpose is suitable for the space it is installed. There are many reasons why an exhaust fan may not be operating effectively, which is why an inspection by an exhaust fan electrician is necessary.

The reasons include, but are not restricted to:

●    Airflow capabilities

●    Ventilation obstructions

●    Vibration annoyances

●    Incorrect wiring

●    Fan & duct condition/cleanliness

●    Installation positioning


At Kenner Electrics, our exhaust fan electricians in Melbourne's east can inspect exhaust fans and provide clients with the right solutions for their needs.

Exhaust fan upgrades

Often exhaust fans can be undersized, under performing and unserviceable, leading to a required exhaust fan upgrade to ensure healthy indoor air quality and cleanliness. Our exhaust fan electricians have the expertise to size an exhaust fan correctly and to install it safely and professionally. There are many factors why an exhaust fan may need upgrading.

Insufficient airflow (m3/hr or CFM)

The rated air movement (airflow) is measured in cubic metre per hour (m3/hr), or cubic feet per minute (CFM), and if not sized correctly for the area, the exhaust fan will not be able adequately exhaust the stale/moist air from the space.

Fan deterioration

As exhaust fans are used regularly, sometimes motors can wear, a bearing can seize, and blades can loosen, causing the exhaust fan not to work at optimum performance. A seized fan will eventually overheat and has been known to catch fire.

Dirt and grime build-up

This can lead to the exhaust fan becoming noisy, unhealthy and inefficient, causing restricted airflow and operation.

Incorrect installation

If the exhaust is installed in an ineffective position or undersized for the room, it is not helpful and can lead to inefficient extraction.


Kenner Electrics is your local exhaust fan electrician located in Melbourne's east, and can safely upgrade an exhaust fan without hassle.

The importance of an exhaust fan in your home

An exhaust fan is often an appliance afterthought and a less aesthetically pleasing installation that homeowners often ignore. However, the importance of a functioning exhaust fan within specific areas is essential to cleanliness, air quality and structure integrity.

Prevents mould and bacteria

An exhaust fan removes humidity to prevent mould and bacteria growth, leading to allergic reactions, respiratory issues, skin and eye irritation if left unresolved.

Dispels odours

Exhaust fans dispel odours that can arise from piles of dirty clothes in the laundry, used wet towels hanging in a bathroom or full kitchen waste and organics bins, which all can leave unappealing smells lingering throughout the house.

Avoids home damages

Humidity and moisture traps within the building can be problematic, leading to carpet mould, timber deterioration, insulation breakdown, and pests like white ants. Exhaust fans can avoid damages to the house and the expensive repair cost.

Kenner Electrics, your local Electrician Melbourne

Your local Electrician Melbourne has a wealth of knowledge in both residential and commercial environments. We continuously aim to provide the best service to homes and businesses in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne.

Kenner Electrics offers complete electrical services

Our services are not confined to exhaust fan electricians as we also specialise in many electrical, data and security solutions for homes and business. We are readily available via email, phone and our online website and are happy to work through electrical issues until we find the right solution for our clients.

Here are just some of our residential electrical services:

●    Audio-Visual and TV

●    Security and CCTV

●    Overhead cable possum guards

●    Home electrical safety inspections

●    Switchboards

●    WIFI/Data, NBN and networking

●    Smoke Alarm Installations

●    Ceiling Fan Installation

●    Rewiring

●    Home Automation

●    Appliance Installation

●    Energy Efficient Solutions

●    Landscape Lighting

●    LED Lighting

●    Fault Finding and Repairs

●    Power outlet and Lighting Installations

●    Supply Upgrades

And some of our commercial services:

●    Energy Efficient Solutions

●    Data, NBN and networking

●    Fault Finding and Repairs

●    LED Lighting

●    Audio-Visual and TV

●    Compliance and Testing

●    Security and CCTV

●    Facility Maintenance

●    Intercom and Access Control

●    Movement Sensors

●    Power outlet and Lighting Installations

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