The Benefits Of Installing a Wireless Access Point

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The kids are finally sitting down to do their homework and you get onto your laptop to stream your favourite Netflix show. But then it happens... you are faced with the hideous ‘circle of doom’. Your show starts to buffer, and buffer some more, until you decide to call it a day. Why is your WiFi network not working properly even when you are paying for high-speed internet?

If you find connection issues are far too common in certain areas of your home, you might have a wireless internet issue. And in current times it is certainly not ideal to be having internet problems. But on the bright side, you can take the abysmal connectivity up to maximum levels with a great little device we call the Wireless Access Point.

Before we take a look at what a Wireless Access Point (or WAP for short) is, let’s investigate WiFi range.

Wireless Access Point being installed to fix internet problems

WiFi range

Transmitted wireless signals from the router have a particular range. Take one of your Bluetooth devices, such as a wireless speaker, as an example. When you move it further away from your phone or computer you will notice the quality worsens and the music cuts out until the speaker disconnects altogether. The same applies to your WiFi network.

The further your connected devices are from the router the weaker the WiFi signal becomes. And these signals can be further affected by the size of your house and obstacles such as walls and floors.

But, as discussed earlier, there is the excellent solution of a WAP which can improve your WiFi signal and reduce dead spots. Now let’s find out what it is.

What is a Wireless Access Point?

A standalone device wired directly to your router, the WAP can be installed in separate locations in your home for maximum coverage. It allows you to extend your internet signals into rooms that would otherwise receive weak or no signals due to walls, general spacing or furniture obstructions.

By increasing the bandwidth of your WiFi network it allows more devices to be connected simultaneously. Install multiple WAPs throughout your home on a single network and there is no need for you to swap between different networks. Essentially, it will provide a strong, reliable and fast WiFi network.

How does a Wireless Access Point work?

There are two bands – 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz which provide different speed, range and bandwidth. The 2.4 GHz band provides larger WiFi range at slower speed, while the 5 GHz band gives you high speeds with smaller coverage.

Connected directly to the router with an ethernet or data cable, the WAP receives the internet connection of one of these bandwidths and transmits its frequency allowing you to connect easily to the internet wherever you are in your home.

Wireless Access Point on ceiling improves internet WiFi range

What are the benefits of having a Wireless Access Point installed?

Provides coverage to the upstairs and other areas that lack internet

You have picked the perfect location to install your wireless router – in an inconspicuous place downstairs in the study. But as anyone trying to access the internet upstairs would know, the walls, floor and distance are too much for the router.

When it comes to the areas you are looking to add internet coverage, think vertically. For example, consider installing a WAP in the upstairs location directly above the room where the router is located. The strong signal obtained from the WAP in this position will bounce coverage to other upstairs rooms.

Provides stronger internet connection when there are multiple users

You might notice your internet connection diminishing as more people come home and log onto the network. With a WAP, you will be able to access the network no matter where you are in the home.

By taking advantage of Kenner Electrics’ expert electrical services, you will have the most current model of Wireless Access Point technology, such as the Ubiquity Unifi Wifi Wireless Access Point. And it is advisable to have at least 2 x WAPs installed in separate areas if you have a large home and particularly if it is double-storey.

Provides WiFi to the outdoors

Undoubtedly, you love spending time in the backyard during the summer, even if it is time spent catching up on work. Providing your monthly plan is not locked into bandwidth caps you should be able to move small distances from the router, such as to the back deck, and enjoy network connectivity.

But if your router is in the study and there are a number of walls between it and the backyard, you will most likely experience weak signals. That’s when a WAP can help. By placing it in a room with an outdoor access point and as least obstructions as possible, you can take advantage of strong WiFi.

In a nutshell

Are Wireless Access Points really beneficial? The short answer is yes! As we have seen here, the location of where the WAP is positioned is critically important. It is ideal for you to have it installed on the ceiling for optimal coverage, or even in cupboards if you prefer it out of sight.

Kenner Electrics is happy to assist. Contact us and enjoy an instant improvement in the areas you experience weak WiFi connection.

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