Electrician Melbourne Tips: Top 4 Reasons to use CCTV

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CCTV has evolved!

It's more than a decade since we serve as local electrician in Eastern Melbourne, and we have seen the development of CCTV cameras. No longer a grainy, black and white camera that only records in the background, Smart CCTV systems can now integrate into your life in an intuitive, interactive way.

Monitor your home anytime, anywhere

Smart CCTV systems now provide the ability to monitor your cameras locally (in your home/office on a TV or screen) and remotely (via a smart phone app or web based app - anywhere you can connect to the internet). Login on your phone or computer to view a real-time livestream of your property, or you can also receive mobile alerts whenever your CCTV camera is triggered or detects something out of the ordinary.

Peace of mind that your home is secure

CCTV cameras are a great way to deter unwelcome intruders by making your home or business a more difficult target. Even if you’re away on an overseas holiday, you can monitor the safety of your home and belongings through the mobile app. If you ever feel uneasy, want to check on your property after a storm, or just want to see how the garden is doing, just login online and take a look.

An integrated security system

Technological advances in CCTV systems mean that current models are equipped with high-definition video recording (day and night), as well as motion detection, meaning you don’t have to sift through hours of footage to find the relevant section. You can now integrate your CCTV system with a video intercom, security lighting and security alarms, so that everything works together to provide security for your home, and peace of mind for you.

Professional advice and installation

Whether you want a simple 1 camera system, or a complex integrated system, Kenner Electrics will provide you with expert, up-to-date advice on the best choice for your lifestyle. Kenner Electrics recommends and installs high quality Dahua residential and commercial custom designed IP CCTV systems, perfect for your home or business. Professionally designed and installed, our expert technicians will determine the best location for the cameras according to your specific home and requirements.

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