Which is best, wired or wireless home security cameras?

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Do you want to protect your delivered packages on your front porch, or protect your home from break-ins while on an extended holiday? Most likely, the offender is long gone with your valuables before you even realise there is a problem. 

Outdoor home security cameras help you to protect your home, family, and valuables 24/7. But with so many different outdoor home security cameras, it can be difficult to know which one is right for you.

First, let’s take a look at the factors you should consider before buying a home security camera.

Motion Detection 

Motion detection is a highly recommended feature. It will trigger the home security camera as soon as it senses any activity or movement. Then the camera will start to record video footage, as well as take photos. It will also send you a real-time alert to your phone or email. 


Resolution means how detailed and clear the video footage and images are. The higher the resolution, the better the quality of the footage. It’s essential to try and get the highest quality resolution as possible. 

Doing so will allow you to see what has been captured by the camera clearly. Especially when it comes to people’s faces and any other important details. If you get a low-resolution camera, it may result in grainy footage.

Night Vision

Having night vision is important for home security. It means that the camera can record in low light when it is dark, while still capturing clear footage. Most break-ins occur at night, which makes it an important feature to consider. 

Field of View & Movement

Field of view means how wide an angle the camera can see. The larger the field of view, the more the camera can see. 

Movement refers to whether a camera can pan and tilt. Some security cameras can move from side to side, as well as up and down. 

The field of view and movement will determine how many security cameras you need. As well as where to position them to get rid of blind spots. 

Now, let’s take a look at why you should think about installing a professionally wired CCTV home security system.

Why Choose a Wired CCTV Home Security System  

Wireless outdoor home security cameras continue to increase in popularity. As they are cheaper upfront and easier to install, without requiring any wiring. But are they really the best option to protect your home, family and valuables?

There are a lot of advantages to having a wired CCTV home security system instead.

Easy Maintenance

With a wireless security system, batteries need to be changed or manually recharged.Some wireless cameras may be able to last for days or even months without needing a recharge. But it is a huge weakness of a wireless security camera. It can also potentially leave your home vulnerable and without surveillance if a battery was to go flat.

But a wired system is different. Once it has been set up and installed by a professional and qualified electrician, you don’t need to worry about battery changes or any maintenance.

Improved Reliability

A wired CCTV home security system provides reliable monitoring you can count on.This is because they don’t need to rely on sensors which use radio frequency to communicate. Wired models are less likely than wireless security cameras to fail. Usually, the only way they will is if the phone line is snipped, or the wiring is damaged.

Better For Large Spaces

A wired system can utilise more sensors than a wireless system. This means you have more coverage of your home and are likely to pick up more activity than a wireless camera would.

More Secure System

Wired CCTV equipment is harder to hack than wireless equipment. For it to be hacked,someone would need to physically connect to a wired system, whereas someone can hack a wireless system remotely.

More Features

Wired systems have control panels in multiple rooms of your home. High-end units also offer high-definition video surveillance, so that you can always see what is happening, even at night.

Used by Professionals

It’s no surprise that professionals and companies use and recommend a wired CCTV home security camera system. This is because they are reliable, secure, and consistent, with little maintenance required.

DIY vs Professional Wired CCTV Home Security Installation 

As a wired CCTV system has to be wired through your home, it’s necessary to have it installed by a professional electrician. This is due to safety regulations. Besides this, if you installed it on your own incorrectly, then your home maybe without proper security and surveillance.


Having a professional installation done also provides you with a security assessment. An experienced installer will make sure there are no blind spots or vulnerabilities with your home security camera.

It’s crucial to ensure your security cameras are correctly set up and installed. Otherwise, it may lead to something being missed, like an incorrectly placed motion sensor, which may not capture movement. Doing so will ensure they capture every moment and provide 24/7 security and home surveillance. 

A professional home security camera installer can also test your equipment to make sure it’s set up and operating correctly. They can also show how to use the system, as well as make some professional recommendations for the best way to ensure your home is secure.

While a wired CCTV home security system is more expensive initially, it will save you money over time. Most wireless systems need you to pay for an ongoing monthly cloud subscription to record any footage captured by the cameras. You may also need to pay to replace batteries over time too.

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