The Future Of CCTV Home Security Cameras with Wireless Notifications

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Based in the Eastern suburbs of Melbourne, Victoria, Kenner Electrics is proud to offer a range of electrical services including supply and installation of CCTV home security cameras. Our expert workmanship and exceptional service to our clientele makes us stand apart from the rest.

CCTV camera on brick wall with wireless notifications

What Kenner Electrics Can Do For You

With a team of experts who are highly-experienced and qualified to perform a range of electrical services, Kenner Electrics is the local company to utilise for Blackburn, Box Hill, Camberwell and other Eastern suburbs of Melbourne. What can we achieve for you? For residential clients, we work with switchboards, smoke alarms, audio-visual and televisions, WiFi and networking and security and CCTV home security cameras. 

Commercial clients can have compliance and testing conducted by Kenner Electrics, facility maintenance, television servicing and maintenance of systems, TV antennas and data points, audio-visual set-up and Wireless Access Points (WAP) not to mention security and CCTV also for commercial properties.

We understand the importance of having quality work undertaken with efficacy and accuracy and achieve outstanding results within a timely manner. 

Our supply and installation of CCTV home security cameras is one of our many specialties and we value the security of your property with premium-quality, effective systems. With the future of technology and the advancements moving in leaps and bounds over the decades, we have reached a point where many aspects of our home functions are wireless and security isn’t any different. 

You can have security alarms, home security cameras, video intercoms, door or gate access control. Security lighting and motion-sensor cameras are also superb for detecting movement outside your home.

Sensor Spot Light Security Lighting being installed by expert electrician

Home Security Cameras with Wireless Notifications

Imagine being able to receive a notification to your smart device such as a smartphone or tablet when someone is at your front door? A home security camera can detect the presence of a visitor to your home or commercial building and depending on how your system is set up, smart home security can wirelessly send a notification so you are aware of the visitor. 

There are so many different brands and models of security and CCTV cameras available that it can be daunting trying to decide as a home or business owners what's best for you. Kenner Electrics is proud to utilise premium-quality systems which are effective and durable for your needs, and you can trust us to put your needs first. You can have a complete system which complements your home and enhances security with a home security camera at your front porch, at the garage or carport, or even at your decking or patio at the rear of your property. 

Not only do the presence of cameras often deter potential thieves, the more cameras you have the more comprehensive your security of your property is. The very fact that the cameras can be connected to a WiFi network, your internet modem or router, is fantastic because you can receive wireless notifications to your phone to alert you to possible intruders.

Wireless is part of the everyday in technologies now and there is increased functionality of wireless systems such as smart home automation. 

If you’re thinking about enhancing the security of your property, why not consider a CCTV home security camera with wireless notifications, security alarm and security lighting for your home or commercial property and feel more confident in protecting your assets. 

As we say, ‘the best Electrician is an accredited and connected Electrician’ and we are proud to have a team of highly-qualified and accredited Electricians who achieve outstanding workmanship for each and every client. We are professional and will go above and beyond to assist our clientele with queries and questions; furthermore, we assess your requirements through actively listening to you and determine a solution that is tailored to meet your needs and wishes.

You may ask are CCTV home security systems safe and effective for deterring potential thieves? The answer is they are. They not only act as a deterrent, many systems can provide live streaming accessible from your smart device such as a smartphone or tablet and you can receive a notification if someone is present at your property. 

Instead of only being able to view the footage while on-site, the systems that Kenner Electrics installs can be viewed wirelessly from anywhere that has internet access on your phone or smart device. This allows more versatility, flexibility and convenience for you. With a touch of a button you can view what is happening in your home by having a smart home security camera and system set up with remote viewing. 

Dahua CCTV security camera on house eave

What about Wireless CCTV Cameras?

There are also products on the market where the CCTV cameras themselves are wirelessly connected to one another, however typically these are unreliable, offer a low quality image and drastically affect WiFi performance throughout your home and business. Kenner Electrics does not recommend these products to our customers.

There are some wireless camera options available if you have a large commercial property and you want an integrated CCTV system. In these situations, we use other dedicated wireless transmission networks to ensure your business WiFi is not affected. Kenner Electrics can design and engineer a system for your specific requirements, so contact us to discuss your needs.

Having your system professionally installed by a qualified and accredited Electrician such as one of our team at Kenner Electrics is the best way to ensure that your system is set up correctly. 

You can protect your assets and valuables with enhanced security and with wireless home security cameras. 

If you are considering a CCTV home security camera and system set-up with remote viewing and wireless notifications for your residential property, contact Kenner Electrics and see what we can achieve for you.

Why Choose Kenner Electrics?

Kenner Electrics is your trusted local electrician. We have a friendly and professional team of highly qualified, experienced and licensed electricians ready to handle all your commercial and residential electrical needs.

We provide up-front pricing with a clear explanation of the work required to avoid cost overruns. We provide prompt and efficient service and prioritise safety on each and every job. We are fully insured, licensed and accredited, we're a member of the National Electrical & Communications Association, and we are a registered electrical contractor with Energy Safe Victoria. We always provide compliance certificates for all completed electrical installation work.

We're one of the top rated electricians in Melbourne with over 300 genuine 5-star reviews from residential and business customers just like you.

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