Security Tips to Keep Your Home Safe These Holidays

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If you are going away over the Christmas break, here’s some easy tips to follow to make sure your house is safe and secure until you return.

If you are going away over the summer holidays, it’s important to make sure your house still looks lived in while the house is vacant. Criminals know that many houses are left vacant over this time while families are on holidays, and they are on the lookout for easy targets!

Let your neighbours know

Everybody needs good neighbours. Having someone nearby keeping an eye on things while you’re away can help keep your home secure.

Let your neighbours or nearby family/friends know that you’re going away so that they can keep tabs on your home. That way they can look out for any suspicious activity or visitors. Just make sure to let them know if you’re expecting any deliveries or tradies to arrive!

Automate your lighting

Analogue lighting timers have been around for years but technology has developed rapidly so we now have more control than ever!

If you have lighting automation in your home, create a holiday schedule to turn different lights on in the house during the evenings. This creates the impression that people are home and moving around the house.

If you haven’t got any automation products, there are some very affordable quality systems that Kenner Electrics can install in your home. SAL Pixie has Bluetooth switches that allow you to control and schedule your lights from your phone. Contact our expert electricians at Kenner Electrics for advice on whether this system is right for you.

There are also some simple DIY options like Philips Hue. This system has WiFi enabled light globes, so you can control your lighting remotely. If you’d prefer to stick with the tried-and-true old school methods, you can also buy plug in timers and program them to turn on a few lamps overnight.

Arrange a mail pick-up

An overflowing letterbox is a dead giveaway that you’re on holidays. Pause your newspaper delivery, put a ‘No Junk Mail’ sticker on your letterbox and don’t be tempted to do any online shopping in the lead up to your trip.

If you get on well with your neighbours, or have friends in the area, ask if they’d mind collecting your mail once a week until you return. While they’re at it, maybe they could put the bins out for you as well?! (and of course, be a good neighbour and return the favour when they go away).

Consider a CCTV system or security alarm

Protecting your home from break-ins while on an extended holiday can be assisted by the installation of a CCTV or security system on your property. Outdoor home security cameras help you to protect your home, family, and valuables 24/7.

CCTV cameras are a great way to deter unwelcome intruders by making your home a more difficult target. Even if you’re away on an overseas holiday, you can monitor the safety of your home and belongings through the mobile app. Login on your phone or computer to view a real-time livestream of your property, or you can also receive mobile alerts whenever your CCTV camera is triggered or detects something out of the ordinary.

Whether you want a simple 1 camera system, or a complex integrated system, Kenner Electrics will provide you with expert, up-to-date advice on the best choice for your lifestyle. Kenner Electrics recommends and installs high quality Dahua residential custom designed IP CCTV systems, perfect to keep your home safe while you’re away. Professionally designed and installed, our expert technicians will determine the best location for the cameras according to your specific home and requirements.

For more information on why CCTV is such a great option for keeping your home secure, visit our blog Top 4 reasons to use CCTV.

Overgrown lawns

Summer is prime time for grass growing and lawns can start to look out of control after a couple of weeks. If you’re away for an extended period of time, arrange for a gardener to mow your lawn. This creates the impression that someone is still around, plus it’s one less thing to worry about when you get back!

External security lighting

Security lighting and a movement sensor at the front and rear of your home is an effective deterrent to night-time intruders. Prevent criminal activity by adding exterior lights that are triggered by movement.

Security lighting can be one of the most cost-effective ways of keeping your home safe. Movement sensors can be installed along with new floodlights, or can be retrofitted to existing outdoor lighting.

Kenner Electrics recommends and installs high quality Clipsal Infrascan movement sensors, which are reliable and long-range and great as a general purpose movement sensor. We also have other products which we will recommend depending on your unique situation. Our expert electricians will make sure your lights and sensors are positioned correctly to provide maximum coverage.

To read more about the benefits of external lighting, click through to our blog on Movement Sensors, Security Lighting & Energy Saving.

Don’t let your holiday be ruined by worrying about the security of your home. There are so many practical and technological steps we can all take to secure our properties so that we can have peace of mind.

Visit our website to see how Kenner Electrics can help make your holiday stress-free!

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