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Whether you need to replace old deteriorated mains cables, increase your single phase supply, upgrade to 3-phase or change to an underground supply, Kenner Electrics are here to help our customers throughout Melbourne's eastern suburbs.

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Why Do I Need A Supply Upgrade?

Modern homes require a larger electricity supply than homes in the past due to our heating, cooling and electrical appliances. Upgrading your electricity supply to 63A single phase or three-phase power means your house will have more capacity, which is essential if you’re hoping to install new circuits, appliances, or an electric vehicle fast-charging station

What's Involved In A Supply Upgrade?

Supply upgrades are a complex process involving many different parties. But don't worry, Kenner Electrics will handle the entire process for you!

Before the electrical work on your property can begin, there is a significant amount of paperwork and organisation to be completed by your electrician. The application process can take weeks due to the number of external parties involved. When a Kenner Electrics local electrician completes a supply upgrade for a customer, we take care of all the required paperwork and will liaise with your local electricity distributor and your chosen electricity retailer to ensure the process is completed as smoothly as possible.

Once the application has been approved, a truck appointment will be booked with your local supply authority (CitiPower, United Energy etc.) for the disconnection and reconnection of your supply from the grid. The truck appointment fees will be charged to you directly by your chosen electricity retailer and the cost of these will depend on the complexity of your job. A truck appointment for a supply upgrade on a home typically costs between $400-$500 and most jobs usually require one or two appointments for disconnect and reconnect.

To prepare your property for a supply upgrade, our electricians will install new mains cabling between the point of attachment (POA) to your home, your electricity meter and your switchboard. Other works may need to be completed including some upgrade work on your switchboard, installing an earth electrode, replacing or relocating your meter panel, upgrading your POA, and installing a raiser bracket if additional ground clearance is required over driveways or roads.

During the reconnection truck appointment, our electricians will work with the supply authorities linesman and an independent electrical inspector to ensure your property is safely connected to the grid. After your upgrade is completed, our electrician will provide you with a Certificate of Electrical Safety.

Single Phase Supply Upgrades

Most homes around Melbourne have a 63A single phase supply as standard, with either an overhead or underground connection. A 63A single phase supply is sufficient for most modern homes. Older homes in Melbourne often have smaller 32A or 40A supplies which are typically no longer sufficient. Properties that are over 50 years old that haven't yet been upgraded are also typically wired with old cotton/rubber insulated cabling which is no longer safe or compliant as the insulation will have deteriorated due to its age. For safety and reliability, these old mains cables should be upgraded to modern TPS cabling with 63A supply capacity.

How much does a single phase overhead supply upgrade cost?

Upgrading a home to a 63A single phase overhead supply typically costs between $3500-$5500. If a full switchboard upgrade is required, or these upgrade works need to be completed under emergency conditions, this will add to the cost of the project.

Single phase overhead supply upgrade

3 Phase Supply Upgrades

A 3 phase supply upgrades may be required if your home or business will use more power then is available from a typical 240V single phase supply or if you are planning to install any 3 phase electrical equipment. Many homes now require a 3 phase supply due to the growing number of electrical appliances in the modern home. Our rapid transition to electric vehicles (EV) and home EV charging infrastucture may also mean that some homes could require a 3 phase supply, however this is certainly not a strict requirement of owning an EV and most homes will be absolutely fine with a single phase supply as rapid charging capability is not typically required at home.

How much does a 3 phase overhead supply upgrade cost?

Upgrading a home to a 3 phase overhead supply typically costs between $4500-$6500. If a full switchboard upgrade is required, or these upgrade works need to be completed under emergency conditions, this will add to the cost of the project.

Underground Supply Upgrades

Changing to an underground electricity supply means the electricity cable from the street would connect to your house underground, rather than via an overhead cable. Having this cable out of sight can improve the aesthetics of your street frontage as well as improve the safety of your connection as there is no chance of a tree falling across it and pulling the connection loose. It also removes one avenue of entry for that family of possums that may have taken up residence in your roof!

The vast majority of Melbourne homes still have an overhead connection, but this is changing with many newer estates having only underground supply available. Some homeowners are choosing an underground supply for aesthetic reasons, and in some cases homeowners are forced to transition to an underground supply due to changes in regulations.

New changes to regulations include prohibiting mid-span connections (directly connected to the cables between power poles in the street), prohibiting raiser brackets larger than 900mm, and prohibiting overhead cables from significantly crossing a neighbours property. These regulations may make it impossible to achieve the required minimum height of an overhead cable above driveways and roads, or prevent connection to the closest pole due to the cable path required, and therefore making an underground supply the only option.

Mid-Span Overhead Supply
Mid-Span Overhead Supply (No Longer Permitted)

Benefits of an underground supply

  • Curb appeal (no unsightly wires)
  • Reduced bushfire risk
  • Helps prevent possums getting access to the roof

Potential drawbacks of an underground supply

  • Significant additional cost of an upgrade
  • Difficult to complete future supply upgrades
  • Difficult to repair if a fault or damage occurs (unlilkely)

Most underground supply upgrades are best completed in conjunction with a building/renovation project due to the relative ease and cost effectiveness of completing the work before landscaping and driveways are completed.

How much does an underground supply upgrade cost?

Upgrading a home to an underground supply (whether single phase or 3 phase) typically costs between $7000-$12000.
This cost is highly dependent on the amount of earth works (trenching) that may be required for your job and any subsequent landscaping. Kenner Electrics local electrician will complete any trenching that is required, and we offer a basic 'make-good' service of re-laying lawn and soil after trenching. If more extensive landcaping, or concreting/paving is required, this will need to be organised by the customer with their chosen landscaper/concreter and the potential costs will need to be factored in to an underground mains upgrade project.

Electricity Pit Installation

Another potential additional cost that must be considered is pit installation. Underground mains cables are connected between your building and an electricity supply pit which should be located at the end of your boundary fence line on the sidewalk on either side of your property. If there isn't currently an electricity supply pit, then you will have to cover the cost of having one installed by your local supply authority. Installation of a supply pit could involve road crossings, horizontal drilling (boring) and/or some trenching trenching and because of this the cost of a pit installation is typically between $5000-$7000. If your project requires a pit installation, Kenner Electrics local electrician will complete the application process for you and a quote will be provided to you by your local supply authority. It can take many weeks to receive your pit installation quote from the supply authority due to the engineering and civil works that are involved. Once you receive your quote and approve the work, the fee for your pit installation will by charged to you directly by your chosen electricity provider or your local supply authority and they will carry out the work typically within 4-8 weeks.

Underground Supply Pit
Underground Supply Pit
3 phase overhead supply upgrade

There's plenty of ways to get in touch


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