Switchboards are the most important part of your electrical installation. They contain all the protective equipment designed to keep you and your property safe from the hazard of electricity. Have you had yours inspected recently?

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What we do

There's a lot to a switchboard. With the ever increasing number of electrical devices in each property it's vital you ensure your switchboard is up to date and providing all the protection required to keep you and your property safe. Our skilled electricians are up to date with the latest electrical safety requirements to give you peace of mind.

Services we offer:

  • Fault finding and repairs
  • Safety switch (RCD) testing and installation
  • Switchboard upgrades
  • Safety inspections
  • Surge protection
  • Arc fault detection device (AFDD) protection
  • 3-phase supply upgrades
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What you should know

Many older style homes in Melbourne are still using old-fashioned, unsafe fuse boxes with porcelain re-wireable fuses. These types of Federal fuse boards do not meet current electrical safety standards and should be replaced to ensure your home and your family are protected.

Safety switches (RDCs) are the most vital safety component of your switchboard. They are the only device that will trip in the event of an electric shock.

An easy way to identify if you have safety switches installed is to look for a 'TEST' button on the device. It will be labelled 'TEST' and if pressed should trip the device. If you have any concerns, contact our friendly team for advice.

Safety switches should be tested at least twice a year to ensure they are operating correctly.

Kenner Electrics regularly inspects and upgrades switchboards to meet current Australian Electrical Standards. We can also incorporate user-friendly Energy Usage Meters to help you monitor and save on energy usage.

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Our accreditations

The best electrician is an accredited and connected electrician.

Have used Kenner Electrics 3 times in recent months. Very happy with their quick, reliable and friendly service. Will definitely use them again. In fact I now refer to them as "our electricians".
We were extremely happy with the work, the electricians were efficient, listened well to our concerns and everything was completed on time and for a reasonable fee!
Blackburn South
It's so refreshing to have a tradesman arrive when he says he's going to, do exactly what he promises to do and then clean up and replace everything that's been moved. I recommend Kenner Electrics to everyone I know.
Box Hill North
As Vice President of the Whitehorse Mustangs basketball club, I reached out to Kenner Electrics for a quote to relocate the scoreboard at Orchard Grove Primary School. ...They came back and offered to do the work at no cost to the Club! We were gobsmacked! Their support means those hard-earned funds can now be used toward building our club.
Box Hill

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Kenner Electrics is located in Blackburn South. 
We are dedicated to offering top quality, reliable electrical services to customers throughout the eastern suburbs of Melbourne.
Our local electricians frequent Surrey Hills, Camberwell, Hawthorn, Box Hill, Burwood, Mount Waverley, Ashburton, Glen Iris and Glen Waverley just to name a few!

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