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Safety First With a Melbourne Switchboard Upgrade Expert

All the power in your house runs through a switchboard, and the switchboard contains all the safety devices that are designed to protect your home and family from electrical hazards. As such there are very strict electrical regulations about how it must be set up. If your switchboard is old, chances are it doesn’t comply with modern safety rules and your home and family could be at risk of fire or electric shock hazards.

Modern switchboards contain safety switches (RCDs) which are the most vital safety component of your switchboard. They are the only device that will protect you and trip in the event of an electric shock.

Our skilled Melbourne electricians are up to date with the latest electrical safety requirements to give you peace of mind.

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All Old Style Fuse Boards Need Upgrading

Did you know that there are still tens of thousands of old porcelain fuse boards around Melbourne that provide no protection at all against electric shocks? These older style fuse boards are well past their expiry date and should be upgraded immediately to a modern style switchboard.
Old fuse boards pose a fire and electric sock risk due to the degredation of the components over the decades that they have been in service.
Here at Kenner Electrics, we want to help ensure that every home in Melbourne has an up to date, modern and safe switchboard.

Our Kenner Electrics Melbourne electricians install only the best quality and most reliable protective devices to ensure that they will work for years to come and your home will be safe for you and your family. Our electricians are highly skilled at upgrading old fuse boards like this so you can trust us if you want only the best for you and your family.

Old dangerous fuse board
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Why You Should Spend More On A Quality Swithboard Upgrade

If there's one thing in a house that you shouldn't skimp on the cost of, it's a switchboard upgrade.
It is so important that you only trust a reputable electrician business to upgrade your switchboard. Yes you may need to pay a little extra up front, but then you have peace of mind knowing that they know what they're doing, that they only install the best quality safety protective devices, and that they're going to be there to support you in the years to come long after the job is done.

Here at Kenner Electrics, we don't aim to provide the cheapest price, we aim is to build long lasting relationships with our customers by providing the best products, and the best service, at a fair price.

As one of the highest rated 5 Star electricians in Melbourne, you know you can trust Kenner Electrics to take care of you. You can check out our Google reviews here.

How Much Does a Switchboard Upgrade Cost in Melbourne?

The cost of a home switchboard upgrade is really quite variable as there are a lot of factors to consider, such as:

  • Number of circuits
  • Single phase or 3-phase supply
  • Condition of the old wiring
  • Is a mains upgrade required?
  • Does the enclosure need replacing?
  • Location of the switchboard
  • Does it need a new earth electrode?
  • Does it contain Asbestos?
  • Does it need to be inspected by an independent electrical inspector?

Our electricians always provide an up-front quote specific to your home before we start any job, but as a general guide, below is the average pricing for a residential switchboard upgrade in Melbourne:

Upgrading an old fuse board to a modern switchboard with safety switches on all circuits:

Small home - between $1000-$2000

Medium home - between $2000-$3000

Large home - between $3000-$4000

Upgrading an existing modern style switchboard and install individual safety switches on all circuits:

Small home - between $500-$1500

Medium home - between $1500-$2500

Large home - between $2500-$3500

Hager RCBOs on a Kenner Electrics switchboard

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Really appreciate the service I have received so far. Really genuine and helpful team who were able to identify problems and recommend useful solutions and work around(s) at my house. Highly recommended!
Really appreciated the quick response to my request for a quote and then the efficient and friendly sparkies that completed the job! They were neat, polite and left the place looking better than when they’d started! Perfect for all of our electrical needs and has become our ‘go to’ Electrician! Thanks team.

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Our team is incredibly honoured to be a Finalist in the 2021 Australian Small Business Champion Awards for Electrical Business of the Year for the third year running.

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Having a positive impact on our local community and environment is a core commitment of Kenner Electrics. Our aim is to keep as much waste as possible out of landfill, so we partner with some fantastic organisations to recycle a wide range of waste products.

Our electricians collect and recycle cable scraps, batteries, polystyrene and fluorescent light tubes.

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Whats Involved In A Full Switchboard Upgrade?

There's quite a bit involved in a full switchboard upgrade. Every time we complete a full upgrade of aswitchboard, our electricians do the following:

  • Remove the cover and inspect the existing wiring
  • Label the existing wiring
  • Remove the existing enclosure
  • Install a new fire resistant modern switchboard enclosure
  • Install a new appropriately rated Main Switch to provide overcurrent preotection of the mains cabling
  • Install individual combination residual current/over-current safety protectinve devices on all circuits
  • Fit off all the wiring in the switchboard and make repairs/alterations where required
  • Fire seal any holes in the enclosure to ensure fire is prevented from spreading in the event of an emergency
  • Conduct electrical testing on every circuit in the switchboard to ensure the wiring is compliant and in good working condition
  • Test the new safety switches to ensure operate correctly
  • Clean up any mess
  • Arrange for a compulsory independent electrical inspector to attend
  • Provide a Certificate of Electrical Safety for the work completed
Additional Items That May Also Be Required
  • Install a new earth electrode if there isn't one or the existing one is not suitable
  • Arrange for the safe removal of any asbestos by a licenced asbestos removalist
  • Upgrade the mains cabling to increase the capacity of the supply
  • Rectify any pre-existing faults that may be uncovered during testing
  • Relocate the switchboard to a compliant location

How Long Does A Switchboard Upgrade Take?

Home switchboard upgrades usually take between 2 to 6 hours depending on the complexity and size of the switchboard. Of course, much larger switchboards can take longer and if there are other jobs required, such as a mains upgrade, this will also increase the time it takes to complete the job.

Other Frequently Asked Questions

How long will the power be off while the switchboard is being upgraded?

This depends on how much work is being completed. If our electricians are just adding a couple of new safety switches then the power may only be off for around 1 hour, however if our electricians are completing a full switchboard upgrade, you should expect the power to be off for most of the day.

How long does food in the fridge and freezer last while the power is off?

There's no need to worry about your food spoiling in your fridge and freezer when the power is off during a switchboard upgrade. Fridges and freezers have fantastic insulation so the temperature will remain nice and cold for many hours with no power. As a general rule, freezers will last more then 24-48 hours before food starts to defrost, and fridges should stay sufficiently cold for around 8 hours with no power. If you are concernded about high risk food spoiling (like meat, seafood and pre-cooked meals), you can put these in the freezer to keep them cold for longer.
Pro tip: Fridges and freezers will stay cooler for much longer if you keep them closed while the power is off.

Whats the difference between a surge protector and a safety switch?

Surge protectors prevent high voltage spikes from damaging sensitive electronic appliances (like computers, fridges and AV devices). High voltage spikes could be caused by lightning or it could be an issue on the electrical grid.

Safety switches prevent people and animals from getting recieving a life threatening electric shock if they come in contact with mains power electricity

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As your local electrician in eastern Melbourne, we promise friendly, professional customer service. On the job and after, you're safe with us.

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