Electrical Safety Inspection for a Safe Home in 2022

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Many of Australia's home and investment property owners overlook the benefits of booking a regularly scheduled home electrical safety inspection.

Read on to learn the benefits of booking a home electrical inspection and why Kenner Electrics can provide you with the best electrician, East Melbourne and surrounding areas for your home electrical safety inspection. 

Five benefits of home electrical inspections

There are many benefits to booking a home electrical inspection with an electrical trade expert like  Kenner Electrics, Melbourne. Some of these benefits may seem commonsensical, and some may be new to you and well worth consideration.

Below we will look at these five benefits more closely and discuss why you should book your property for a home electrical safety inspection in 2022.

Save money

Over time, Your home electrical wiring can become brittle, exposing bare, frayed wire from years or even decades of consistent use and extreme temperature changes through the seasons in places like your wall cavities and roof.


This unavoidable degradation not only affects your wiring but potentially many other electrical utilities, such as:

●     Power points

●     Light fittings, dimmers and switches

●     Ceiling and exhaust fans

●     TV antennas and outlets

●     Fire safety systems

●     External light fittings

●     Security lighting and more


The current COVID-19 pandemic means many people are now performing most of their work duties or studies from a home office or study space.


Significant disruptions, such as power failures and networking issues, can derail people's workflow and risk possible delay or disruption to primary income sources.


A trained electrical auditor's thorough home electrical safety inspection can isolate faults before they become a problem, potentially avoiding costly disruptions or catastrophic electrical defects.


Depending on your insurance provider and the specifications of your home insurance policy, an electrical safety audit may also help you negate potential breaches of your insurance contract if a significant event, like a fire, does occur.


Electrical safety

As previously discussed, faulty or degraded wiring can significantly increase your chances of a catastrophic event like a house fire.


The Victorian Fire Brigade responds to more than 300-house fires a year, many of which are due to outdated or faulty wiring. If your house is more than 30-years old, you are at most risk of an electrical fault in your old and obsolete electrical work.


As well as potential loss of property or assets, this poses a significant risk to you, your family, or your investment properties occupants.


Faulty wiring, electrical outlets and utility controls also increase the potential risk of significant injury or fatality via electrocution.


Energy efficiency


By ensuring your home electrical and networking systems are in good working order, you can be confident your home utilities and technologies are working energy efficiently and at peak performance.


Avoidance of electrical malfunctions

Major home electrical malfunctions or loss of electrical utilities due to faulty wiring and connections can be disruptive, frustrating and stressful.


Home utilities that are at potential risk of failure from electrical faults include, but are not limited to:

●     Electric hot water systems

●     Air-conditioners

●     Refrigerators and freezers

●     Security systems

●     Laptops and PCs

●     Cooking utilities

●     Home networks

●     Dishwashers

●     Washing machines, dryers and more


Avoid the frustration of major electrical faults by booking a comprehensive home electrical safety inspection today with  Kenner Electrics, Melbourne.


Compliance with current electrical standards

Over time, government-mandated residential and commercial electrical safety standards change and update.


It is difficult for the average home and property owner to keep up with the advances and changes to Australian government imposed home electrical safety specifications.


If it has been an extended period between home electrical inspections or you have never had one conducted on your property, you may be in breach of current home electrical safety standards.


This may not only have adverse legal ramifications if something does occur due to electrical faults; it may also present potentially disastrous infringements on insurance applications.


As aforementioned, it is strongly advised that all Australian homes 30-years or older have an extensive electrical safety audit conducted by an experienced electrician.


Don't allow complacency to cost you your livelihood or property; book your 2022 home electrical safety inspection today.

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Why book an electrical safety inspection with Kenner Electrics?

The team here at Kenner Electrics have provided expert electricians, East Melbourne and surrounding areas for comprehensive home electrical safety inspections since 2014.


Our team of trade professionals are dedicated to excellence in their field, providing the highest quality service and ensuring your home electrical systems are safe for your home or properties occupants and that your home complies with government electrical standards.


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