Why Would Electrical Voltage in My House Fluctuate?

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We all rely heavily on a consistent and reliable electrical voltage supply to power all the many appliances and electronics we use daily within our East Melbourne homes.

Sometimes, we take it for granted until a disruption to our power supply occurs; however, those who have had to live with electrical voltage fluctuation will tell you it can be very inconvenient,incredibly frustrating and potentially harmful. 

So it is no surprise that many people ask Kenner Electrics, ‘why would electrical voltage in my house fluctuate?’ And here we aim to explain why.

Reasons why electrical voltage fluctuates in the home

There are various causes of electrical voltage fluctuation that can be harmful to home electronics, produce inconvenient light flickering, and cause an electric shock in extreme cases. 

One of the most common causes of electrical voltage fluctuations is a loose or poor connection. Whether it is a loose connection at a power point, a poor termination in the switchboard or a corrosive joint from the main distribution, a Kenner Electrics Electrician Melbourne can investigate and rectify the fault. 

Alternatively, an overloaded network is a familiar problem when a low voltage supply is present. Low voltage may be due to insufficient cable carrying capacity or inadequate load sharing at the power distribution or final circuit segregation. 

It may seem strange but external conditions can also cause electrical voltage fluctuation, such as trees, animals, severe weather and strong winds interfering with power lines. While vehicle accidents that involve power lines can cause power spikes that are detrimental to home life and the commodities within it.

Why electrical voltage may fluctuate:

●    Poor or loose connection

●    Inadequate load sharing

●    Insufficient cable carrying capacity

●    Overloaded network

●    Power line interference

●    Defective electrical products

Protect your electronics from power surges, voltage spikes and low voltage

Most East Melbourne houses are full of electronics, from televisions and digital radios to laptops and tablets. Even home appliances like refrigerators, coffee makers and washing machines now have complex electronic circuitry for improved user experience. If the electrical voltage in your house fluctuates, your expensive electronics are at risk of damage.  

Voltage spikes can cause integral electronic components to burn out when the rated voltage is exceeded. This can lead to, at best, inconvenient and costly repairs or, in worst-case scenarios, product replacement. At the same time, low voltage is a common offender for poor battery charging, appliance malfunction and premature component defects.

Kenner Electrics can help you protect your electronics to ensure your valuable goods are safe and sound. Our qualified Electrician Melbourne can investigate the electrical fault to find the cause of the voltage fluctuation and go about fixing it. We can also install a surge protector in your switchboard to help prevent unexpected voltage spikes from harming connected home appliances.

Effects of electrical voltage fluctuation:

●    Power surges

●    Voltage spikes

●    Flickering lights

●    Over bright lights

●    Premature globe replacement

●    Failure of electronics components

●    Poor battery charging

●    Interference of radio and tv reception

●    Connectivity issues

Stop the light flicker and premature globe replacement

One of the main consequences of fluctuating electricity is flickering lights. Although flickering lights may seem like a minor inconvenience, they can cause many other detrimental effects to work and living conditions.  

Humans, in general, are sensitive to light flicker, with the constant visual adjustments causing fatigue and headaches.While poor and inconsistent illumination can lead to reduced concentration and accidents. 

Furthermore, a globe that is constantly exposed to inconsistent voltage is more likely to be replaced prematurely as the element weakens quicker, leading to an extra home chore and added expense.  

Kenner Electrics Electrician Melbourne can stop the light flicker and premature globe replacements by investigating your voltage fluctuations and rectifying the issue for a smoother supply for optimum lighting of your East Melbourne home.

Poor lighting due to fluctuating voltage can cause:

●    Impaired vision

●    Human fatigue

●    Reduced Concentration

●    Avoidable accidents

●    Vision discomfort

●    Decreased productivity

●    Premature globe replacement

Our Electrician Melbourne has the electrical fluctuation solutions

Kenner Electrics can investigate electrical voltage fluctuations in any house in East Melbourne, and we will do so until we find the cause. Once our Electrician Melbourne knows why the problem exists,they will discuss all electrical fluctuations solutions with our client and provide a precise quotation with no hidden fees. 

Our qualified Electrician Melbourne can perform a wide range of repairs to help rectify your electrical fluctuation issue. From replacing defective power points and re-terminating switchboard connections to installing surge protectors and informing power distribution companies of potential supply inconsistencies, Kenner Electrics has the answers. 

Contact Kenner Electrics today to discuss your electrical voltage fluctuation problems and let our Electrician Melbourne resolve your power issues.

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