The Top 10 Energy Efficient Lighting Tips in 2024

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Unnecessary lighting means more costly energy bills and a higher carbon footprint for your household. The electrician Melbourne's East can trust, Kenner Electrics, is here to help you save money on lighting with these ten energy-efficient lighting tips.

It can be easy to bring that utility bill down with just a few simple changes. So read on, and try these yourself and thank us later!

Tip #1: Energy-saving lights

Let's start with the most obvious change you can make; energy-saving lights. With savings of between 60% to 80%,energy-saving light bulbs are a no-brainer. So get rid of those old halogen globes and opt for energy-efficient LED globes, especially for the lights in your home that are on for long periods.

Low-energy lighting is a little bit more expensive upfront but uses only 10-20% of the electricity of standard incandescent bulbs. LEDs also last longer, meaning you won't have to replace your globes as often as a bonus.

Tip #2: Lower the wattage

Trust us, overly-lit rooms are not cool (who wants to feel like they're in an office all day). Instead, create a more relaxing atmosphere in your home and avoid glaring and unnecessarily bright lighting. You will, in turn, cut down the energy that you use while creating a more comfortable space.

Decrease your wattage and choose light fittings that don't block the light emitted by your bulbs. One note however, the purpose of the room should be taken into consideration. For example, work areas in the kitchen should have sufficient lighting. Everywhere else, though, the lower your wattage, the higher your savings.

Tip #3: Dimmer switches

Installing dimmer switches gives you the option to reduce the amount of electricity required by the light bulbs. As a bonus, you'll also increase the lifespan of your low-voltage lighting.

Tip #4: Install timers and sensors

Motion sensors and timers can solve the issue of accidentally leaving lights switched on. The theory of only paying for what you need is secured with these helpful accessories.

Tip #5: Have multiple switches

Individual switches for specific bulbs gives you more control over the lights in a particular area of your home. For example, why light up the whole living room for a movie night when you only need a specific section?

Tip #6: Install switches at entry and exit points

The easiest way to make sure people actually turn off the lights when leaving a room with multiple exit points is by having controls right next to them. Signs reminding people to turn off the lights aren't a bad idea either!

Tip #7: Clean the lights

Keeping light bulbs clean increases their efficiency and lifespan. Regular dusting or wiping ensures maximum efficiency. You should also replace bulb sockets if you notice corrosion as this will reduce the effectiveness of energy transfer.

Tip #8: Open the blinds

One of the most cost-effective measures you can take is utilising as much natural light as possible. Keep the windows and skylights clean, open the curtains and avoid the need for artificial lighting during the day.

Tip #9: Skylights

Electricians love installing lights and switches, it's what we do for a living! But, we also know that a sun-lit home is a happy and healthy home. That's why we recommend getting skylights installed where possible. Skylights can provide enough sunlight so you may not need to turn lights on during the day.

Tip 10: Turn off the lights

It is simple but effective; turn the lights off when they’re not being used. People being complacent and leaving unnecessary lights on (particularly when leaving the house) can be one of the biggest energy wasters of all. Back to our point above, a timer that will automatically turn the lights off can be a very worthwhile investment if you have a particularly forgetful family.

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