Electrician Melbourne: Why You Need Security Lighting and CCTV Installation

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There are some homeowners who don't really think about the security of their property. Maybe they consider their neighbourhood to be safe, or it's a case of the classic "it will never happen to me" theory.

The fact is, three homes are broken into every hour in Victoria. You would be surprised how many requests we get at Kenner Electrics for extra home security after something unfortunate has happened.

Don't wait until it's too late. A home break-in is unpleasant, not only due to the risk of safety or loss of property, but the after-effects of a stranger being in your home are uncomfortable and unnerving. Prevention is the best defence which is why security lighting and CCTV surveillance, two elements that work in conjunction, are vital.


Keeping your home safe, secure and protected not only offers peace of mind, but an effective deterrent to ensure you never have to deal with the unfortunate experience of a break-in. There are a range of security systems and solutions available, and Kenner Electrics can provide expert advice and ensure they are installed correctly. Let's expand on home security and the importance of lighting and CCTV capabilities.

Dahua CCTV home security camera installed on eaves

What is home security?

There are many different practices and products that fall under the banner of home security. There would be enough for a book if we were to list them all! They all have the goal of keeping your home secure while preventing unwanted intruders. It starts from simple additions like locks on your doors and windows to more in-depth, technology-integrated systems that can allow you to monitor the security of your home, even when you aren't in it.

Sensor lights around the home and professionally installed solutions like CCTV systems are effective and seriously worth your consideration if you want to ensure the security of your family and belongings.

To save you from reading a small novel, we’ll focus on the sensor light and CCTV benefits in this article, two low-cost and low-maintenance prevention tactics that will provide a range of benefits.

What is the difference between an alarm system and CCTV?

Two of the main categories of security are intruder alarms and CCTV systems. The alarms feature a central control panel connected to detection devices which, when armed, sound an alarm alerting the surrounding neighbourhood and deterring the intruder. These can be extended by back-to-base monitoring which alerts a monitoring centre or the police. Newer models can even be hooked up to your phone or computer so you can monitor the alarm system wherever you are in the world.


A CCTV system features video cameras that are installed on the exterior of your home, which will record activity. They usually complement an alarm system if you are serious about your security. CCTV is a deterrent, peace of mind, live-monitoring and very helpful for reference after an event, all rolled into one.

Why CCTV surveillance is vital

The sight of a CCTV camera alone is often a deterrent in itself. Professional CCTV systems feature a digital recorder which captures footage from a range of cameras installed externally or internally throughout a home.


The primary purpose of your CCTV system is the provision of a live-view for your home that can be seen via a computer or smartphone with the capacity to review footage at a later time should you need to. This allows you the advantage of being able to determine what happened, see the intruder and possibly even lead to a criminal conviction if they are clearly caught on camera committing a crime.


CCTV systems often work in conjunction with an alarm system and also require sufficient lighting to ensure that the images captured can be clearly viewed. It is also important to ensure that your CCTV cameras are well-positioned to cover as much of your property as possible. You don’t want them obscured by trees or sections of your home, which is why professional installation is vital. A professional installer will know where best to position your cameras for maximum impact.

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The importance of security lighting

The addition of security lighting to your home pays off in several beneficial ways. The primary benefit is the provision of safety and awareness for the outdoor areas of your home, such as driveways, backyards, pathways, steps and more. It can help to eliminate the possibility of injury while also enhancing your outdoor entertaining!


A well-lit area for parties with friends and family is very handy when you run out of natural day light. Security lighting can double as accent lighting to really boost the mood. You can customise your outdoor lighting to feature warmer, ambient tones to create a comfortable setting for your evening.


Fun stuff aside, security lighting is an excellent deterrent for burglaries and is a cost-efficient way to improve home security. Bright lights placed around the exterior of your home mean fewer shadows and dark corners to boost the confidence of potential thieves. The more difficult it is to break into your home, the safer you, your family and possessions are.


Burglars often do their homework, and security lights with timer settings make it harder for a potential intruder to know when you typically are away. Motion sensor lighting is also a great way to make your home seem busier for times when you are out or sleeping, working to catch intruders off guard while providing awareness to your setting.

Twin sensor spot light security lighting on outside of house

Security systems increase your property value

The installation of security lighting and CCTV offers more benefits than just safety. These items are an investment in the overall worth of your home. Potential buyers like to know their new home is safe and comfortable and outdoor lighting or extra security features help achieve this.


This investment in extra security can also save you money on your home's insurance rates. They reduce the likelihood of break-ins which most insurance companies will provide a discount for. If you are installing these extra security additions on an investment property, you can claim it all on tax as well!

Energy-saving benefits

If all of these benefits are yet to have you convinced, choosing a LED option for security lighting can save you money on your energy bill. LED lights have a lower energy usage, plus keeping them on a timer means you limit the energy requirement providing you savings around the clock.


LED lights also emit far less heat from the bulb, reducing the risk of significant fire hazards. They offer a long-lasting lifespan so your replacement costs should also drop. The world of LED lighting has also come a long way, so if you are after a particular aesthetic, there will likely be a LED option to suit.

Low-maintenance solutions

You may be thinking that all of these installations mean more in maintenance costs, but that really is not the case. Another fantastic benefit of security lights and CCTV, when compared with various other security measures, is their low requirement for maintenance. Once installed, your system should protect and monitor your home for years to come with no more than the occasional wipe clean or professional check-up from time-to-time.


To really ensure this, install high-quality systems (within your budget) and rely on their professional installation. You will find that the continual dollar savings listed above, along with the primary benefit of security far outweigh the initial upfront costs. In the end, the real question of spend comes down to how much the safety of your family and biggest investment is worth? For many people, there is no price and the comfort in knowing you have done all you can to protect your home is extremely valuable in its own right.

Finding the best electrician in Glen Waverley or Melbourne who can offer you the best in security installation

It is vitally important, especially when it comes to the installation of security cameras, that you do not opt for a DIY solution. Camera systems have evolved significantly. The arrival of the Internet of Things (IoT) and other advances mean that cameras are often integrated with other tech, making the know-how to design, set up, and use much more complicated.


The same applies to your lighting. The wiring and unique cabling requirements of these systems are extremely complex. You not only have to consider your safety, but you also want to ensure everything is working correctly. A security system that isn't performing its function due to incorrect wiring is a waste of money. You've likely spent a bit on the tech, never skimp on its installation!


A professional can help ensure the best angles for your CCTV, covering as much of your home as possible. A thorough installation includes the inspection of your property to account for all vulnerable angles and weak spots.


Finally, you'll want to consider your warranty. Manufacturers often require that only professionals install your cameras to ensure that no intricate parts are broken during a DIY install. It is unlikely that a high-quality system will experience an issue that requires the warranty to be called on, but keeping it there as a backup is always a good idea.

How Kenner Electrics can help boost your home security

When it comes to keeping you, your family and your property safe, it is important to ensure you have a trusted electrician in Melbourne installing your security lights and CCTV cameras. The team at Kenner Electrics are well experienced in this field, always keeping current across the latest in smart connected security equipment to ensure you have access to the very best on the market.


From security alarms and CCTV to video intercoms, door and gate access control and security lighting, we can keep your home at the highest levels of protection available.


The next step in your security is smart integration. Our team can install systems that provide a notification on your phone when someone is at your front door or to let you know your alarm has been tripped. You can view a live feed of your CCTV at any point from anywhere in the world, so you'll always know your property is safe.


Speak to Kenner Electrics today about some of the most cost-effective ways that you can keep your home safe. Our team is well-experienced and more than happy to work with you to understand your situation and be able to suggest the best system for your needs/ budget.

It is essential that you take your home security seriously and act in a preventative manner to avoid the worst. One call to us, and you'll enjoy true peace of mind and the highest levels of security available.

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