Overhead Cable Possum Guards

Are you concerned about possums chewing on your cables, and damaging your home? Get an overhead cable possum guard installed to help keep possums from accessing your roof.

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Are Possums Chewing the Cables In Your Roof?

Do you hear noises in your roof at night? Have you noticed possums running along your overhead cables? Don't worry, we are here to help!
Possums pose a serious problem to your home because they can chew and damage the electrical cables in your roof which could cause you to lose power and also creates a serious fire and electrical shock risk. Not only that, but they also destroy insulation and other materials in your roof. The potential damage one pesky possum can cause could be in the thousands of dollars!

If you know you have possums living in your roof and you are worried about the condition of your cables, get in contact with us today and we can arrange an inspection of your cables.

Install an overhead cable Possum Guard to help stop possums getting on your roof

Possums love running using the power lines in the street and the cables that connect to your house as their very own highway system. Possums are so good at balancing that using overhead cables is actually safer and easier for them because it keeps them up high off the ground away from cars, pets and us humans. Unfortunately, once a possum is able to get on your roof, it's usually quite easy for them to find a way inside. This is why you should consider installing overhead cable possum guards to help prevent possums from getting onto and into your roof via your overhead cables. Check out our blog for more information about how to prevent possums getting on your roof.

There are a few common DIY cable possum guards that you may have seen before. These include using a length of white PVC pipe, or a few clear plastic bottles, all of which have slots cut into one side of them so that they can be fitted on to the cable. Whilst these can be effective against most possums, they are quite unsightly and detract from the curb appeal of your home.

Keep scrolling down to find out how much it costs to get a professional overhead cable possum guard installed.

Possum chewing a cable in a roof

How much does it cost to get an overhead cable Possum Guard installed?

Kenner Electrics offers installation of 2 different types of possum guards:

Most Effective Possum Guard (Critter Guard - 'Line Guard')

These highly effective possum guards (featured photo) were designed in the USA for squirrels and they work ecceptionally well against possums. These guards are widely used by the electricity distribution companies to prevent possums damaging electrical infrasturcture such as transformers and sub-stations. We recommend these for home overhead power cables and for larger overhead telecommunications cables such as NBN connections. If you have extremely problematic possums and nothing else has worked to stop them from running along your cables, then this is the product for you.

Installation of a Line Guard professional quality overhead cable possum guard kit on a standard home costs $415.
If you have more than one overhead cable attached to your house, we can install additional Line Guard kits for $293 each per cable.

Basic Possum Guard (CABAC PPG)
CABAC PPG basic possum guard

These discrete possum guards are quite effective on thinner overhead telecommuncations cables and they can also be effective on power cables. All possums are skilled climbers, exceptionally clever and are very persistent creatures and while these possum guards are effective against most possums, the more simple design of these possum guards (compared to the Critter Guard - Line Guards above) means they aren't able to stop the most persistent of possums from getting across. We have found them to be around 70-80% effective on the homes we have installed them. If you have a PPG possum guard installed but your possums are still getting across, we recommend getting a Critter Guard - Line Guard installed.

Installation of a PPG overhead cable possum guard kit on a standard home costs $262.
If you have more than one overhead cable attached to your house, we can install additional PPG possum guards for $140 each per cable.

How do possum guards work?

Most overhead cable possum guards work on the principle that installing something cylindrical and loose fitting onto the cable will make it much harder for possums to cross. This is because the cylindrical item will want to spin when the possum puts their weight on it, which in turn makes it quite unstable for the possum and discourages them from crossing.

We have tested many types and variations of possum guards that are safe to install on overhead cables and we believe the best product on the market is the Critter Guard - Line Guard.

If you would like to book a possum guard installation for your property we would love to hear from you

Critter Guard - Line Guard over head cable possum guard

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