How Do You Choose The Right Ceiling Fan For Your Home?

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Are you wanting to find the perfect ceiling fan? With so many options available, how do you choose the right ceiling fan for your home? The style of the fan is often the first thing we consider, but there are a whole range of other important considerations that can help determine the suitability of a ceiling fan for your home and lifestyle.


What Should You Consider?


There are hundreds of styles of ceiling fans to choose from, with options for every taste and budget. As with most home décor styles, trends come and go over time. The timber lattice fans of yesteryear are no longer as popular as they once were, and brushed aluminium fans had their time in the sun a few years ago.


By far the most popular choice nowadays is a sleek, white fan to blend in with the ceiling. However it all comes down to individual taste, as more contemporary homes often choose a stylish black or brown fan as a feature in the living areas, while heritage homes can look fantastic with a timber + antique brass fan.


The type of blade can also have an impact on the suitability of a certain ceiling fan for your home. You also need to consider the types of blades. Timber blade fans tend to operate more quietly than metal ceiling fan blades, and more recent aerodynamic moulded plastic blade models are able to move greater quantities of air at low speeds.


Do you want a remote control to keep by the bed or do you like the good old reliable ‘1,2,3, OFF’ switch on the wall near the door?

If you're like me you'll want the bedroom fan on all night in summer, but I know lots of people prefer to be able to turn the ceiling fan off without getting out of bed in the middle of the night. Different control options work for different people, and even for different rooms in the house! You might want a remote control bedroom fan, but would prefer a wall switch for the living room fan.


Or better yet, install a ceiling fan with a timer which allows you to set the fan to turn off automatically. With modern smart homes you can even control your fans from a phone or other smart device!



Modern ceiling fans come in two types of motors. The trusted, decades-old AC motor is a reliable option that can be installed with a wall switch, variable dial or a remote control. AC fans can be reversed via a manual switch on the top of the fan.


Then there are the newer DC motors that offer greater control through multiple speed settings and the ability to reverse the fan via remote. A DC ceiling fan is also typically quieter and can use up to 70% less energy to run. However these fans can generally only be controlled via remote (which can of course be wall-mounted), and are more expensive than the traditional AC fans.



Do you want a light in your ceiling fan? Ceiling fan lights typically come in two varieties; in built LED panels, or globes. Either can be a great option, so see below for a comparison of the important differences:

Ceiling Fan Comparison Table



Where are you thinking of having your ceiling fan installed? Minimum ceiling heights of 2.1m apply under Australian Standards (however most homes have ceiling heights of at least 2.4m).


If your fan is going outdoors, it will need to be specifically rated for outdoor use if there is any chance that water might reach them (even if undercover). Look for ceiling fans that are wet- and IP-rated. These fans are typically more expensive, but think of it as an investment in ensuring your outdoor ceiling fan will bring you relief for years to come.



The most popular choice of ceiling fan with our customers is the Fanco Urban 2 Ceiling Fan, with a white timber blade. This model is available with either an AC or DC motor, and also has the option of a dimmable LED light. See here for further specifications and details.

If you want to have a look at different options of ceiling fans, we recommend the Universal Fans showroom in Oakleigh South. Their staff are really knowledgeable, and they have a great range of ceiling fans on display in their showroom.

Choosing the right ceiling fan design can be a challenge, but with our professionals by your side - it's easy! Kenner Electrics can supply and install any ceiling fan that you choose. Give us a call today to discuss your ceiling fan needs!

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