How To Choose the Right Wall Mount TV Bracket

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Thinking of Wall Mounting your TV?

The ‘right’ TV bracket depends on where you want to mount your TV, whether you want to be able to angle it and how you want it to look.

I want to be able to swivel my TV so I can see it from any angle, or I want to mount my TV in a corner

Full Motion TV Bracket Installation
Full motion TV brackets let you extend the TV from the wall

You’ll need a full motion TV bracket. These come with articulating arms that allow you to swivel your TV 180 degrees horizontally and 20 degrees vertically. It’s important to choose an appropriately sized and good quality bracket, as there can be a large amount of weight when the bracket is fully extended. The larger your TV is, the more important it is to get a bracket that will stay secure.

I want my TV to sit as flush as possible to the wall

There are two options for flush-mounting a TV:

1. Use a slim TV bracket. These sit very flat against the wall, and with the ultra-slim modern TVs they can appear almost flush. But remember to check the manufacturer’s guidelines regarding ventilation of your TV (most TV brackets should take this into account).

2. Get a carpenter/builder to create a recess in your wall, and then have the TV mounted inside the recess on a standard slim TV bracket. This option looks fantastic as the TV can be completely flush with the wall. However, this is also the most costly option, and remember that you are limiting yourself to the size of the recessed space if you choose to upgrade your TV in the future.

When choosing a slim TV bracket, keep in mind the location of your TV and possible glare. Most slim TV brackets have no movement, but some may allow a few degrees of vertical tilt to help alleviate glare.

Flush Mount TV
Slim TV brackets help your TV to sit flush against the wall

I want to be able to tilt my TV to reduce glare

A tilt bracket is similar to a slim TV bracket, but it allows a greater range of vertical tilt. This can help to reduce glare from lights and windows, and also improve the viewing angle. They are slightly bulkier though, so the TV will not sit as flush to the wall.

Note: some TV manufacturers insist that you use their own branded TV mounts in order to keep your warranty, however this is uncommon. Check with your retailer for further details.

What size TV mount do I need?

TV brackets are rated according to the size of the TV, so it’s pretty straightforward to get the right size. Most TVs have ‘standard’ mounting points on the rear (according to the appropriate VESA mounting standards), so most standard TV brackets will be suitable. Always check with your retailer or product manual to make sure.

The weight of your TV is also an important consideration. Plasma TVs are much heavier than LED TVs, so will require a stronger bracket. Likewise, if you’ll be using a full motion bracket to extend your TV away from the wall, the bracket will need to be strong enough to handle the added forces.

Most modern LED TVs are pretty lightweight these days, but the strength of the bracket is still an important consideration for some of the massive 70-80+ inch TVs available.

If you’re unsure about what size TV bracket you require, Kenner Electrics can supply the appropriate bracket when wall mounting your TV.

Where do I buy a TV mount and how much will it cost?

Most retailers that sell TVs will also have TV brackets available for purchase. A good quality TV bracket will cost around $70 - $100. More complex adjustable brackets can be $100-$200+.

Alternatively, Kenner Electrics can supply an appropriate bracket when we’re installing your TV.

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