Heated Towel Rails: Automated Controls To Suit Your Lifestyle

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Automate your heated towel rail to suit your lifestyle and schedule.

Most heated towel rails do not come with a switch on the actual unit itself, but Kenner Electrics can install your heated towel rail on a timer that can be programmed with winter and summer settings, so you don’t have to remember to turn it on and off!

How would you prefer to control your heated towel rail?

Manual Heated Towel Rail Switch

Simple Manual On/Off Switch

A manual switch can be installed to control your heated towel rail, which looks just like a normal light switch. This is the cheapest solution but is less practical than other options. It relies on you and your family remembering to switch the towel rail on and off, which can lead to a lot of wasted electricity if it is left on unnecessarily.


Touch Screen Rail Timer

Touch Screen Heated Towel Rail Controller

Touch screen controllers are a great option for controlling your heated towel rail. Just like the smart switch, they are fully programmable and have a 7 day schedule so you can set automatic on/off periods for each day of the week. You can have a customised schedule set up to heat up your towels for early weekday mornings, and program it to turn on later on the weekends so it’s still toasty warm after a sleep in. This also helps the heated towel rail operate more energy efficiently as it won’t be left on for long periods accidentally.

The LED touch screen looks good, but if your tight on space these can add to the clutter in the bathroom as it is a separate device to your light switches which will need to be installed somewhere on a wall. Some people may find that the full functionality of the touch screen timer is unnecessary for a simple towel rail, and it is the most expensive option of the three.

Smart Switch

SAL Pixie Smart Switch for Heated Towel Rail

Smart switches are the best option for controlling your heated towel rail in a functional, budget-friendly way. Just like the touch screen, the smart switch is fully programmable with a 7 day schedule so you can set the timer to operate at the times that suit your lifestyle. The smart switch also has a manual override function if you want the heated towel rail to operate at a non-scheduled time – simply press the switch and it will turn on for a pre-set period before automatically turning off.

But the smart switch has added capabilities that the touch screen does not. Kenner Electrics installs smart Bluetooth switches that can be installed in a regular light switch plate but are packed with smart-functionality!

The Bluetooth functionality allows the switch to be easily programmed via an app on your smart phone. The free app is simple to use and makes it easy for anyone to re-program the schedule. It can also integrate with your whole home smart automation system if you have smart SAL Pixie devices elsewhere in your home.

If you want to be able to control your heated towel rail from outside your home, Kenner Electrics can install another device so you can connect wirelessly. This means if you go on holidays and forgot to turn off your towel rail schedule, you can do it from anywhere that you are connected to the internet.


If you’re looking for advice on the best heated towel rail control options for your bathroom, or want a heated towel rail professionally installed, contact Kenner Electrics on (03) 9996 0663.

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