Movement Sensors: What’s the best location to install a movement sensor?

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Installation Tips for Movement Sensors


What’s the best location to install a movement sensor?

There’s a few things you should consider to ensure your movement sensors are positioned correctly to provide maximum coverage.


Unobstructed, wide view

Movement sensors are most effective when they are installed up high with a wide, unobstructed view of the surrounding areas. Corners are often the best location for movement sensors as they allow a wide field of vision.

Most movement sensors have a range of between 5 and 10 metres. However, the Clipsal Infrascan 750 Movement Sensor can detect motion up to 18 metres away!


Located away from heat sources

PIR movement sensors detect heat signatures, so if they are placed near an external heat source it can affect their ability to effectively detect movement. For example, installing a movement sensor near a hot air or air-conditioner vent can cause nuisance triggering when the vent is turned on. It can even ‘mask’ the heat signature of intruders and not trigger at all. Even direct sunlight can cause nuisance triggering and can even damage the sensor, so it’s best to install movement sensors in the shade.


Use the right type of movement sensor

For movement sensors installed outside, make sure you use an IP rated weatherproof sensor. This means that the sensor is rated for exposure to rain and weather and will be more reliable and longer-lasting.

Indoor movement sensors tend to be more sensitive, so if one of these is installed in an outdoor location it is more likely to be triggered by moving trees or warm wind. So make sure you get the right type of movement sensor, and stay in your neighbours good books!


Interested in getting movement sensors installed at your home?=

Kenner Electrics recommends and installs high quality Clipsal Infrascan movement sensors, which are reliable and long-range and great as a general purpose movement sensor. We also have other products which we will recommend depending on your unique situation. Our expert electricians will make sure your lights and sensors are positioned correctly to provide maximum coverage.

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