The Ultimate Guide to Choosing a Rangehood: Expert Tips

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In a typical Melbourne kitchen, the cooktop is the central point of hustle and bustle every evening. Whether its a hearty pasta sauce simmering away or the fragrant spices of an Asian curry, the smells wafting throughout the rest of the home are sure to make tastebuds water.

Hearty steamy cooking needs a ducted rangehood to vent moisture

As dinner heats up, so does steam fog up the kitchen windows and oil splatters the splashback. And there’s one unsung hero working away in the background: the rangehood.

The rangehood plays a crucial role in keeping the kitchen environment comfortable and healthy. With Melbourne’s particular weather that can swing from rainy and humid to dry and sunny within hours, controlling moisture levels in the kitchen is essential. Without proper ventilation, the lingering steam from cooking can lead to dampness and musty odours. Gas cooktops also require proper ventilation to remove contaminants from the indoor environment.

So, now that you know the important work that rangehoods do on a daily basis...

How do you choose the right rangehood for your Melbourne kitchen?

Considerations When Choosing a Rangehood

With various types and features available, selecting the right rangehood for your kitchen can be a daunting task. At Kenner Electrics, we understand the importance of maintaining a clean and healthy kitchen environment, which is why we offer professional rangehood installation services to ensure optimal performance and safety.

When choosing a rangehood for your kitchen, it's essential to consider your kitchen layout, cooking habits, and aesthetic preferences. 

For larger kitchens or heavy cooking, canopy or fixed rangehoods offer the best ventilation performance. Canopy rangehoods feature a freestanding flue design and provide extensive coverage over the cooking area, making them the best choice for venting all that steam and grease. Likewise, fixed rangehoods cover the entire cooking area and offer maximum ventilation performance and grease removal. 

Ducted canopy rangehoods offer the best ventilation performance

If your cooktop is on an island bench, you might not be sure what type of rangehood would possibly work in your situation! If there is no wall available, island rangehoods are a great option. As these tend to be a bit more of a 'feature' in the kitchen, they come in a wide range of styles to suit your Melbourne kitchen, including canopy and cylinder style rangehoods.

Canopy rangehoods work well for cooktops on island benches

However, if space is limited or you prefer a hidden design, undermount or retractable rangehoods may be more suitable. Undermount rangehoods are integrated into kitchen cabinetry, offering a sleek, hidden design perfect for maintaining a seamless kitchen aesthetic.

Undermount rangehoods are sleek and minimalist but offer less coverage

Some other tips for choosing the right rangehood are to look for designs that will be easy to clean. Cooking is a greasy activity, so you don’t want oil and dust getting trapped in every nook and cranny. Rangehood designs with easy to wipe surfaces are preferable; you want to spend your time cooking, not cleaning!

Same goes for the filters. Washable aluminium filters can often just be thrown in the dishwasher and come out looking brand new with minimal effort from you. Other types of non-washable filters require replacement, which adds to running costs over time.

Likewise, the lowest maintenance choice for lighting is LED globes. These will last the longest before they need replacing. 

One other BIG factor to consider is whether to choose a ducted rangehood or a recirculating rangehood. There is a lot to say about this topic, so we’ve addressed it in a separate blog - "What Type of Rangehood Works Best: Ducted or Recirculating?". (tl;dr - ducted rangehoods are better at removing steam, smoke, odours and contaminants from your kitchen)

What Measurements Do I Need To Take Before Buying A Rangehood?

Before purchasing a rangehood, it's important to take accurate measurements of your kitchen space to ensure a perfect fit. You can find the measurements of your new rangehood in the technical specifications documentation.

Measure the width and depth of your existing cooktop, or look up the technical specifications if you’re buying a new one. Ideally, you want the rangehood to be big enough to cover the entire cooking area. This makes sure that minimal steam and grease escapes out the sides of the canopy and into your kitchen.

Measure benches, cooktop and cupboard spaces before buying a new rangehood

Additionally, consider the dimensions of your existing space. Do you have existing cupboards that the new rangehood has to fit in between? Measure to make sure that the new rangehood fits into the cavity. 

If you’re purchasing a new rangehood online from one of the bigger retailers, you can usually filter your search based on rangehood width. This makes sure you’re only shortlisting options that will actually work in your home. 

The optimal height for installing a rangehood is usually about 650mm to 850mm above the cooktop surface, but check the manufacturer specifications for precise clearance requirements. And if you get a professional like Kenner Electrics to install your new rangehood, they’ll figure this out for you!

Why Should I Use An Electrician to Install My Rangehood?

Proper installation is essential to ensure your rangehood is securely mounted to the wall, ceiling or cabinetry. Additionally, a licensed electrician will ensure that all electrical connections are secure and that any exposed wiring is properly insulated to prevent electrical hazards.

Choosing a professional like Kenner Electrics to install your rangehood can greatly streamline the process. While it may not be mandatory to engage an electrician if there is already a power outlet installed, getting the experts involved will ensure the best results.

At Kenner Electrics, we understand the intricacies involved in installing rangehoods – it can be a fiddly job! Our team of experienced electricians has tackled countless installations, making us the go-to experts for the job. Even if there's an existing power point in place, rangehood installation can still be a finnicky task that requires precision and expertise. 

Plus, if additional power points are needed, we can take care of that too, providing a hassle-free experience from start to finish. By entrusting the installation to us, you can rest assured that your rangehood will be installed correctly, meeting all safety standards and regulations. 

Choosing to use an electrician for your rangehood installation can save you time, effort, and potential headaches in the long run. By booking your rangehood installation with Kenner Electrics, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that your kitchen setup is in expert hands.

Invest in the right rangehood and professional installation today to enhance your cooking experience and improve air quality in your home tomorrow.

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