What Uses the Most Electricity in Your Home?

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Are you looking to save energy by cutting your energy usage? There are two excellent reasons to know what uses the most electricity in your home.

  1. To be more energy efficient.
  2. To keep electricity bills down.

Society is more conscious of its impact on the environment, and we realise every little bit helps. While the fear of the dreaded electricity bill that heavily impacts the monthly budget can be better managed to relieve financial stress. 

Both are genuine reasons to investigate how to improve your daily routine within the home to reduce electricity use. You maybe surprised how a slight shift in daily habits can lead to significant financial and environmental change.

The main five electricity users

Any Electrician in Melbourne will tell you that heating and cooling is the biggest electricity user within the home, making up nearly half of your energy bill. Hot water is next in line for your electricity costs, followed by appliances; however, electricity use can vary greatly depending on the appliances.  

Both lighting and electronic equipment electricity consumption has improved with the introduction of more energy-efficient options and may not use a lot individually; however, the accumulation in the home can make a decent impact.

A breakdown of the biggest electricity users in the home:

  1. Heating and cooling: 40-50%
  2. Hot water service: 10-20%
  3. Appliances: 10-20%
  4. Lighting: 5-10%
  5. Electronic equipment: 1-5%

Heating and cooling systems

In Melbourne’s unpredictable climate, home soften rely on heating and cooling systems to keep temperatures stable. Whether it’s running a split system on hot summer days or switching the ducted heating to warm the house up on cold winter nights, there is a price to pay for the perfect indoor climate.  

There has been a vast improvement in electricity consumption caused by heating and cooling systems, but it still makes up 40-50% of home electricity bills on average.

Tips to reduce heating and cooling electricity use:

  • Get your heating and cooling systems periodically maintained by a heating & cooling technician for optimum energy performance
  • Use ceiling fans and remember to switch the fan to winter mode in winter and back to summer mode in summer for the most efficient air-flow
  • Close curtains on hot days and open them on sunny cold days
  • Replace air filters, don't block vents or units and remove dust to prevent clogging
  • Dress to conditions and use blankets during winter

Hot water service

We all love a long hot shower and take constant hot water for granted. Even though hot water units are more energy-efficient than ever before, they still use electricity daily. When the electricity consumption is calculated over a month or a year, we see the long term energy impact.   

By getting Kenner Electrics Electrician East Melbourne to update old units and better use hot water, you can see your accumulated hot water energy consumption decrease significantly.

Tips to reduce hot water service electricity use:

  • Set your hot water service to the lowest practical temperature
  • Insulation of old hot water services and hot water pipes
  • Turn off your hot water service when you go on holidays
  • Install water-conserving shower heads and taps
  • Ask an eco-plumbing company about upgrading to a solar water heater


An appliance's electricity use can vary greatly depending on the type of appliance, its age and use frequency. Refrigerators, washers, dryers, ovens, stoves and dishwashers all play their part to add dollars to your bill and use precious energy.

Tips to reduce refrigerator electricity use:

  • Don't leave your fridge/freezer door open for too long
  • Keep your fridge/freezer full as this helps maintain temperature
  • Clean behind and underneath the fridge for good airflow
  • Upgrade older refrigerators with energy-efficient models

Tips to reduce washer and dryer electricity use

  • Wash full loads with cold water
  • Avoid overfilling the machines
  • Air dry clothes whenever possible
  • Regularly clean lint filter

Tips to reduce oven and stove electricity use:

  • Use smaller appliances for quick heating
  • Only preheat the oven when necessary
  • Only fill the kettle with as much water as you need

Tips to reduce dishwasher electricity use:

  • Wash full loads
  • Use energy efficient dishwasher cycles
  • Scrape and pre-rinse dishes to prevent the need for using the hottest cycle


Lighting has developed significantly to decrease energy use with the evolution of energy-efficient bulbs. Although fluorescent bulbs were a significant improvement from incandescent, LED bulbs are now the leader in the market and a wise investment.  

Tips to reduce lighting electricity use:

  • Switch off lights when not needed
  • Change to energy-efficient LED bulbs
  • Use natural light to your advantage
  • Opt for LED festive lights and put them on timers
  • Install motion detectors on outdoor security lighting

Electronic Equipment

Our homes are full of electronic equipment, from televisions and stereos to game consoles and computers. Individually they may not use unreasonable amounts of electricity, but together they use enough to affect your bill and energy use.

Tips to reduce electronic equipment electricity use:

  • Deactivate standby mode and quick-start settings
  • Select for ENERGY STAR certified electronics
  • Turn down screen brightness on devices, televisions and monitors
  • Turn off electronics when not in use

Consult a Kenner Electrics Electrician Melbourne for appliance installation

Our Electrician East Melbourne can also advise on the most efficient appliances, lights and electronics and can help with the installation of your new appliances. The right choice can save you hundreds of dollars and make your home more energy-efficient. If you are ready to cut energy costs, speak with us today!

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