6 Money-Saving Tips For Using Ceiling Fans

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Have you ever considered the cost-saving benefits of your ceiling fan?


Ceiling fans only use the same amount of energy as a 60W light globe, so they can cost less than 2c per hour to run! In comparison, an air-conditioning unit will use an average of 3,500W and is often the culprit behind those unexpectedly high summer power bills.


Ceiling fans could be saving you money and energy all year round! Whether your motivation is to save the environment or to save some cash, here are Kenner Electrics’ Top Tips for saving energy and money with your ceiling fan.


1.      Run a ceiling fan alongside your air-conditioner

If you rely on your air-conditioner to stay cool in summer, it could be worth investing in a ceiling fan. Running a ceiling fan at the same time as your air-conditioner can boost the effectiveness of your cooling. It does this by circulating the cool air, and by producing an added ‘wind-chill’ effect that makes you feel cooler.This means that you don’t have to run your air-conditioner as hard, and reducing the thermostat by even a couple of degrees can have significant savings.


2.      Only turn it on when people are around

Ceiling fans cool us down by producing a ‘wind-chill’ effect. The air circulating near our bodies makes us feel cooler, but ceiling fans actually don’t cool the air itself. So there’s no point having a ceiling fan running in an unoccupied room. To save money, only turn on a ceiling fan when there are people in the room.


3.      Get a fan with an in-built LED light

If you couple your ceiling fan with an in-built LED light, you could be doubling your money-saving potential! LED lights use much less power than halogen or incandescent lights, and they also generate less heat which helps to keep your home cooler.


4.      Invest in a DC ceiling fan

Traditional ceiling fans have AC motors, however there are now DC ceiling fans on the market. DC fans use even less energy than traditional models, up to 40% less! They also have more variable settings, so you have more control over exactly how much airflow is generated.


5.      Make sure your fan is on the right seasonal setting

Ceiling fans have seasonal settings for summer and winter. Make sure your fan is on the right setting for summer so that you’re getting the full benefit of the breeze. If it’s on the winter setting, you won’t feel much cool breeze and could be running it on a high setting unnecessarily.


6.      Run your ceiling fan in winter!

Likewise, running a ceiling fan on reverse in winter can also reduce heating costs. The fan circulates the warm air in the room, helping to make the most of the hot air near the ceiling so that you can turn down the thermostat a couple of degrees.

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