Using Your Ceiling Fan In Winter

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Did you know you can use your ceiling fans year-round?

Everyone knows that ceiling fans cool you down in summer, but did you know you can use your ceiling fan in winter too?

Have you ever noticed that your ceiling fan has a switch on top of it? Forward and reverse; summer and winter.


Summer - Forward

The forward direction of the fan blades in summer mode causes the air to blow downwards, cooling the room and its inhabitants down below. This setting causes more air movement directly below the fan which creates a wind chill effect. This helps evaporate perspiration on our bodies and blow away the hot air that cocoons us, making you feel cooler without the high energy bills associated with air-conditioners.


Winter - Reverse

In winter, cool air tends to gather on the ground, which is where humans tend to be! Instead of turning your heater up and up, switching your ceiling fan to operate in a reverse motion helps draw the cool air upwards and circulates the warm air throughout the room. If using your ceiling fan in winter, it is best to keep it on a slow speed so that there’s no cool breeze created.

Ceiling Fan Temperature Distribution
Source: Fanco Winter Ceiling Fan Guide

Added benefits of using your ceiling fan in winter include:

  • More air movement means that cool air doesn’t sit near windows, causing condensation and mould
  • Lowering your heater by a few degrees can equal huge energy savings
  • For homes with high ceilings, ceiling fans can help distribute heat more evenly


How to change the direction of your ceiling fan

Ceiling Fan Reverse Switch
Source: Fanco Winter Ceiling Fan Guide

All modern, good quality ceiling fans should have this reverse option. AC fans will have a switch on top of the fan itself, while the direction of DC fans can be changed via the remote control.

If you’re not sure which way to switch the toggle, here’s a quick and easy test. If you stand directly underneath the fan, you should be able to feel more air movement when it’s on the forward ‘summer’ setting.

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