Movement Sensor FAQ: Why don’t my new LED lights work properly with my old movement sensor?

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Have you just had new LED lights installed in your home that aren’t working properly?

Are your new LED lights not turning on or off anymore?

Are the lights really dim when they turn on?

It might be because they are connected up to an old movement sensor!

Some older style movement sensors are not compatible with LED lights, which may be causing your new lights not to work properly. This is usually for one of two reasons;

  1. The electronics inside the LED light are not compatible with the older electronics inside the movement sensor, or
  2. The old movement sensor was designed to work with older styles of lights which have a much higher wattage, so the wattage of the new LED globes is now too low for the sensor to operate correctly.


Can this be fixed?

Kenner Electrics can install a Load Correction Device on these older style sensors which will usually fix the issue by helping the sensor and the LED lights work together properly.


If not, it may be time to update your motion sensor. There are a range of new movement sensor options which will work well with new LED lights. Click here to read more about the differences between different types of sensors, and the best one to choose for your home.


Kenner Electrics recommends and installs high quality Clipsal Infrascan movement sensors, which are reliable and long-range and great as a general purpose movement sensor. We also have other products which we will recommend depending on your unique situation. Our expert electricians will make sure your lights and sensors are positioned correctly to provide maximum coverage.

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