Staying Home? Let Us Make It Easier…

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Staying Home? Let Us Make It Easier…

We’ve been racking our brains to come up with ways we can help make our customers lives easier now that we’re all at home more than usual. So whether you’re working from home, have the kids running riot or simply need a home improvement project to keep your mind occupied, Kenner Electrics is here to help!

Is your home WiFi struggling to keep up with all the devices connected?

With adults trying to work from home, kids trying to do online learning and more devices connected than ever before, our home WiFi networks are struggling.

There are 2 options for improving internet issues in your home:

1. Install more hardwired internet points for desktop computers and other stationary devices to reduce the strain on the WiFi network

2. Install a Wireless Access Point to give your WiFi a boost. They provide more reliability, faster speeds and can handle more connected devices without dropouts!

For more info on the benefits of Wireless Access Points, visit

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Is inadequate lighting straining your eyes?

Home lighting is usually designed to be relaxing. Now that many of us are working from home 5 days a week, the lighting in our home offices is probably not sufficient for prolonged hours of work. This can lead to headaches, tired eyes and makes it harder to concentrate.

If you have old halogen lights, consider upgrading to LED lights for brighter light output (and bonus energy savings!)

For more reasons why halogen lights can cause issues, check out our blog:

Have you run out of charging points now everyone’s at home together?

Phones, tablets, laptops, monitors, desktop computers, wireless headphones and e-readers are all getting a workout as we work from home, catch up on the news and endlessly scroll facebook. But what if everyone suddenly needs to charge them at once?

Avoid relying on powerboards by installing extra power outlets. You can even get power outlets with additional USB charging points to turbo-boost your charging capacity!

Are you bored from being stuck at home and need a home improvement project to plan?

There’s no better time to plan a home improvement project than when you’re stuck at home! Some projects we’ve been involved with recently include:

• CCTV camera installations to improve the safety of your property

• Statement pendant lights to add a WOW factor to your rooms

• Switchboard upgrades to make sure every circuit is protected by a safety switch

• Higher capacity exhaust fans to help with moisture and mould issues (now that we’re coming into winter!)

We’re still open for business, and have special precautions in place to protect our customers and team during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Give our friendly office staff a call to book in your job on (03) 9996 0663.

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