What’s Your Heated Towel Rail Style?

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Find a heated towel rail to match your sense of style.

There are many sleek and modern heated towel rail designs to suit any bathroom, with a range of different colours and sizes to suit your lifestyle.

If you’re still unsure of the benefits of heated towels rails, read our blog on “Heated Towel Rails: What are the Benefits?


Heated towel rail designs

There are many different designs of heated towel rail, so you’ll be sure to find an option that suits your lifestyle.

Ladder design heated towel rail

Ladder rails are the most common design and range from 2-3 rung designs, all the way up to floor-to-ceiling ladders. The size of the ladder rail you choose will depend on the number of towels and bathmats you wish to keep warm and dry.

Single rung heated towel rail

Single rails are a versatile option that can be installed in pairs, triplets or more to create any unique design. These are a great option for tricky spaces that may not suit a traditional ladder style towel rail. They can also be used to create visually striking design features as they look very streamlined and modern.

Swivel heated towel rail

Swivel rails are available that attach to the wall at one end and swing outwards to allow easier access.

Freestanding eated towel rail

Freestanding rails can be a great option when you don’t want to permanently fix a heated towel rail to the wall, or if you’re renting and can’t put holes in the tiles. These heated towel rails are plug-in models for easy mobility.


Colour and finishes

Heated towel rails come in varied colours and finishes to you can choose an option that suits your style.

The most common finishes are stainless steel, chrome and black, but there are also options in gold, and even rose gold!

Silver heated towel rail
Silver (stainless steel or chrome) is the most widely available colour option.

Black heated towel rail
Black heated towel rails can add a statement piece to a modern bathroom

Rose Gold heated towel rail
Rose gold towel rails... for a touch of elegance

Other things to consider when choosing the right heated towel rail for your style is whether a hard-wired or plug-in model is more suitable, and whether to install a timer switch to seamlessly sync your towel rail with your lifestyle!

Kenner Electrics recommends ThermoGroup for high quality heated towel rails. If you’re looking for advice or would like a heated towel rail professionally installed, contact Kenner Electrics on (03) 9996 0663.

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