Electrical Safety for Pets at Home: Keeping Our Furry Friends Shock-Free!

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Concerned about the safety of your furry companions around electrical hazards at home?

Hey there pet parents! 🐾 We get it!

From cheeky pups to curious cats, our pets have a knack for finding trouble. But fear not, we're here to guide you on keeping them secure.

Cheeky dog tangled in Christmas lights

Imagine this scenario: A mischievous dog with a taste for adventure decides that the electrical cables on a hot water unit are the ultimate chew toy. Not once, not twice, but FOUR times! Yep, this actually happened to one of our customers!

Now, you might be wondering, "Will my pet get hurt if it chews through electrical cables?" Stick around; we're diving into that and more!

Electrical Safety is Pet Safety Too!

We're all about keeping our homes hazard-free, and that includes our beloved pets. While you may be familiar with conventional safety measures like baby gates and outlet covers, let's shift our focus to the often-overlooked well-being of our furry family members. Whether you're at home or out and about, keeping an eye on your pets can be tricky... unless they're a goldfish.

Will my pet get hurt if it chews through electrical cables?

Now, let's address a serious concern: the potential harm to pets if they chew on electrical cables. Puncture that cord, and they could be in for an unwanted electric shock, burns, or worse, electrocution. Yikes! 

The solution? Get a licensed electrician to install safety switches! It will protect both your pet and human family against shocks.

How to Keep Your Pet Safe from Electrical Hazards: Our Top Tips

1. Keep Cords Out of Reach

Out of sight is out of mind for many pets. So tidy up those cords! Run them along walls, behind furniture, or under rugs. You can even get a local electrician to run power cords through the walls to minimise messy visible cabling.

Pro tip: Secure them higher up so your pet's short legs can't reach. And there are also helpful products like cable covers or plastic tubing to deter persistent pets. 

2. Unplug When Not in Use

Going to bed or heading out? Unplug those cords.  If you suspect your pet might get up to mischief while you’re asleep or out of the house, your best bet is to unplug any power cables that it might be able to access. This could be the superhero move that prevents an electric shock or a fire.

3. Watch Out for Appliances

Portable heaters, pedestal fans, and other gadgets can be pet hazards. Imagine your cat getting the zoomies and knocking over your portable heater while you’re out. That's a potential recipe for disaster. Keep an eye on those appliances when they're on, and turn them off when you're not around. Better safe than sorry, right?

Portable heaters can be knocked over by energetic pets and cause a fire hazard

4. Train Your Pet

Teach your pet the ropes! Train them to stay away from areas with lots of cables lying around. Each pet is unique, so figure out what works for you. Whether it's chew toys, mental stimulation, or just a good ol' game of fetch, keeping them entertained reduces the chances of them turning your power cords into chew toys.

Train your pets to stay away from electrical cables and keep them entertained

5. Don't Forget the Great Outdoors

Backyard adventures bring a whole new set of electrical challenges. Hot water systems, air conditioners, outdoor speakers—lots of cables to explore! Our tip? Check for dangling cords or better yet, relocate potential pet pitfalls.

That dog who fancied the hot water unit cable four times? They had to relocate the gate to keep the pup away!

6. Safety Switches Are Your BFF

For the ultimate backup plan, have a licensed electrician install safety switches on all your electrical circuits. Even the craftiest pets can't outsmart these.

Remember the cable-chewing dog? Safety switches came to the rescue! They tripped, which prevented any harm to the cheeky canine.

Get a local electrician to install safety switches to keep your pets safe

Peace of Mind from Your Local Electricians

Worried about your pets and electrical hazards? By following these tips, you can create a shock-free haven for your furry friends. 

Here at Kenner Electrics, we're here to give you peace of mind. So if you need help with pet-proofing your home, or installing safety switches, get in touch today.

Let's work together to minimize the risks and keep our pets safe from the hazards of the electrical world. After all, a safe pet is a happy pet! 🐶🐱

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