Benefits of Wall Mounted TVs (& Possible Complications to Consider)

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On the fence about whether to wall mount your TV?

Here are some considerations to factor into your decision...

Modern TVs are getting thinner and larger every year, and the way we display them in our homes has changed as well. Gone are the days of the old wooden corner TV cabinet, and even slim TV cabinets are no longer strictly necessary.

As TVs become more integrated with our lives, it’s becoming more and more popular to mount TVs to the wall.

What are some of the benefits of wall-mounting your TV?

Wall Mount TVs save space
Wall mounted TV save space, are safer and are more streamlined

Save Space

Wall mounting your TV saves valuable floor space by removing the need for a dedicated TV cabinet. It allows you to have your TV accessories tucked away out of sight by installing an infrared extender to control your Blu-Ray, amplifier or any other device.


Kids, cats and charades are prime ways that TVs get knocked over, if they’re on a TV stand. Mounting your TV on a wall can prevent accidental bumps, keeping your loved ones and your TV safe.

Reduce Clutter

Into that sleek, minimalist look? When you mount your TV on a wall, all your cables are run through the wall cavity. This reduces visual clutter, as well as tripping hazards and unsightly messes of cables behind the TV.

What complications might I need to consider?

Type of Wall

Wall Mounted TV near Fireplace
Fireplaces and brick walls can make wall mounting a TV more difficult

This is really dependent on your home, and the type of wall you wish to mount the TV on. If you want to mount your TV on a plaster wall, it’s important to make sure the bracket is on a solid fixing. This means finding a stud or solid timber in the wall, otherwise you’ll end up with a floor-mounted TV!

On the other hand, if you want  your TV on a brick wall it will be much stronger, but it can be much harder to run the TV cables through the wall. There are alternative options available which are best discussed with your installer prior to starting the job.

Nearby Chimneys

Another thing to consider is nearby chimneys, which can also make cable access more difficult. For TVs mounted above a chimney, the heat from the fireplace may also have an impact. It is worth considering the height of the TV screen when mounted above a shelf/fireplace, as this can affect the viewing angle.

WiFi Interference

Wall mounting Smart TVs can also affect the reliability of the WiFi signal received by the TV. This is because the TV is so close to a wall, which can cause interference with the signal especially if your TV is far away from your modem/router.

There are a number of ways to minimise this issue:

1. Hardwire a network cable to plug into the TV(through the wall cavity) so that it no longer replies on a WiFi signal

2. Relocate your modem/router to a nearby location

3. Install a wireless access point (WAP) to boost the WiFi signal throughout your house

When you wall mount a TV, where do all the cables go?

Where possible, a good TV installer will run the cables through your wall cavity. This hides the cables away and makes your TV setup look really streamlined.

When mounting a TV, Kenner Electrics will typically install a recessed power outlet and cable management plate behind the TV. All the TV’s power cables, internet cables, antenna cables and HDMI cables will be run through the wall at the back of the TV to where your A/V equipment is set up. This means there are no visible cables dangling down under your TV!

With all the cables running in the wall cavity, your A/V equipment and devices (eg. Blu-ray player, amplifier,Apple TV) can be kept away from the TV in a more suitable location that doesn’t take up valuable floor space under the TV. Infrared Repeaters can be used to control these devices with your normal remote, without needing a direct line of sight.

What type of TV bracket do I need?

The ‘right’ TV bracket depends on where you want to mount your TV, whether you want to be able to angle it and how you want it to look. Click through to our blog on ‘How To Choose the Right Wall Mount TV Bracket’ to learn more.

Save Space With A Wall Mounted TV!

Wall TV mounts are a great way to save space and enjoy watching TV in your living area. Whether you are looking for a new TV mount, or want to get your TV mounted, speak to our experts at Kenner Electrics. We can help you find the right spot for your wall mounts, and ensure everything is installed correctly!

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